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The Met Grill has introduced an "exclusive and world renowned" Japanese beef to their program, called Sanuki Wagyu Olive Beef. The Met is the second restaurant in the US to offer this beef as it is extremely rare, in limited supply, and is quite pricey. (Image courtesy of The Metropolitan Grill)

A Seattle restaurant just became 2nd in the U.S. to serve this extremely rare beef

After closing their doors for a remodel, The Metropolitan Grill is back in business and is, as always, staying ahead of the ~steak game~.

Have you ever heard of Sanuki Wagyu Olive Beef? Probably not, and we don't blame or judge you. This exclusive Japanese beef is world renowned, extremely rare - and the Met Grill is only the second restaurant in the U.S. to offer it.

So why is this beef so special, you ask?! It comes from Shodoshima Island in Kagawa Prefecture, which is home to highly regarded cattle farming that dates all the way back to the year 700. #Whoa.

What makes the beef so unique, is the way the cows are fed. Or should we say, what they're fed.


More specifically, they are fed the remains of pressed olives after they are made into olive oil.

This particular diet makes for incredibly delicious beef. Because of the oleic acid, antioxidants and glutamic acid, the pressed olives leave the beef with a "remarkable umami and sweetness".

If you are a beef-lover, it sounds like this is a must try! Keep in mind, however, that it is in very limited supply and is served in a 5 ounce cut with a $135 price tag.

Visit the Met Grill's website and learn more about Sanuki Wagyu Olive beef, here.