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Dan the Sausageman's specially crafted gift boxes are perfect for Valentine's Day and many other occasions.

The perfect Valentine's Day gift to give your partner

Valentine's Day is typically about flowers, candy, and romantic gestures, and while some people may enjoy those things, it's safe to say that the Valentine's Day retail surge sometimes falls on deaf ears. This year can be different though!

If the key to your partner's heart is their stomach, Dan the Sausageman has crafted special gift boxes for the occasion that include their signature mustard and meat, plus cheese, crackers, chocolate cherries, and olives! Dan the Sausageman makes thousands of Valentine's boxes every year, so trust the word of the happy customers before you that your significant other will love this gift.

These boxes can also lead to a great couples experience! Don't worry about making your own charcuterie plate, which can be expensive and tedious to create. The Valentine's Day box is already prepared so all you need to do is serve it on a plate, light some candles, and relax with your significant other.

For those who say that Valentine's Day is just another day, that's true! There are plenty of other days in the year when a box from Dan the Sausageman would be appropriate. Birthdays, happy hours, care packages, you name it and Dan the Sausageman has a box that will taste delicious for the occasion.

Once you try a few boxes and find your favorites, you can order a la carte and stock your fridge with the goodies you love.

The birth of the Sausageman

What started as a means to an end became a thriving small business that has been delighted customers for 34 years now. Originally, Dan sold sausages by driving around town and going door to door in hopes of making a little money in his neighborhood. He needed something to do after his dream of being an athlete didn't materialize. His sales pitches weren't working, but he eventually tried introducing himself as Dan the Sausageman, which earned him a few laughs and has since earned him the name that people recognize and love.

Buy your Valentine's present today!

Visit Dan the Sausageman online to order your Valentine's Day box, or find his creations on Amazon if that's more convenient for you. Don't forget to return all year long for specials and deals that will make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.