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The Fry Guys: Now is the Time to Try Some Fries

There's a brand new eatery in Seattle some are saying is a little bit "salty" (pun intended).

The Fry Guys specialize in one single, solitary, crispy, crunchy, golden, glorious type of food — french fries! But they aren't any ordinary fried fare.

"Loaded fries," said owner and "guy behind the fries" Mikael Pisnoy. "I am actually originally from the Bay area, and the number one thing we want to do is just bring flavor to Seattle."

Why fries?

"Everybody enjoys fries, right?" he said. "I think especially in these times with what's going on with COVID and the pandemic, I think we definitely need a comfort food."

It starts with the fries themselves.

"The big thing with us is seasoning," said Pisnoy. "So we make sure that even when you're done with your toppings, you have a really nice textured seasoned fry."

Given we are collectively going through a pandemic, some might say this isn't the best time to open a restaurant. But the Fry Guy disagrees.

"We definitely take risks as an entrepreneur, as a small business owner, you're always taking risks," he said. "And if you look for an excuse not to do something, you're always gonna find it. So we figured 'Hey, the best time is now' and we went after it!"

He takes a very 2020 approach to running the business.

"We do phone orders over our contact line, and we also do website orders as well," said Pisnoy. "So we're part of Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates and GrubHub."

But The Fry Guys definitely does not offer dine in.

"It allows us to really focus on the quality of the menu and the speed of service for the customers," Pisnoy said. "And we can just focus on getting the best food possible out."

Right now, the loaded fries are available in a quartet of mouthwatering combinations:

  • Cajun Chicken and Shrimp: Comes with grilled chicken, cajun-style shrimp; they also have a five-cheese sauce made in-house.
  • Buffalo Chicken: Grilled chicken topped with blue cheese, ranch and buffalo sauce.
  • Pizza Fries: Mozzarella topping, in-house pizza sauce, pepperoni and a little bit of basil.
  • Jalapeño, Cheddar and Bacon: A ton of bacon and fried jalapeños.

So far, folks have really been "eating up" everything The Fry Guys are offering.

"Customer reaction has been insane. Crazy crazy crazy," said Pisnoy. "We had about 700 shares on one of our posts, and people have just been blowing up the phone."

Refined's Taste Test

So how do these flavors stack up? We enlisted the help of 17-year-old Max Karlinsky to be our taste tester. Max's passion for french fries and his ability to eat large quantities of food and never get full are just two of his unique qualifications for this test. I should know, I'm his mother.

The growing teen, a.k.a. "bottomless pit," shared his personal take on each of the offerings.

  • Cajun Chicken and Shrimp: "It's crispy, smoky and well-seasoned."
  • Buffalo Chicken and Ranch: "Not spicy - but it's also got that nice crust you want on buffalo [chicken]."
  • Pizza Fries: "It's pizza and fries — two of my favorite foods, and they go great together!"
  • Jalapeño, Cheddar and Bacon: "It's real spicy cheese and bacon-y."

The final verdict, according to Max, "I could easily eat 10 pounds of these fries!" Pure fry perfection.

So is this about french fries for Pisnoy — or is it something more?

"It's trying times; it's hard times for everybody. A lot of people are out of work, a lot of people dealing with different life situations. So people to come here and forget about that for 30 minutes, come get your order and just enjoy life again."

For more info on The Fry Guys, visit their official website or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.