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The best Matcha Lattes in Seattle in 2019

Seattle is the birthplace of coffee but tea beverages have become increasingly popular. The Matcha Latte is the latest trendy addition to the list of healthy beverages. Here are five cozy spots where you can enjoy one, iced or hot!

The Moore Café

Adjacent to the historic Moore Hotel, the Moore Café provides the one of the best matcha lattes in town. They are made with the milk of your choice and ceremonial warm or cold matcha tea. The iced matcha without sugar and almond milk is strong, slightly bitter and has a kick to keep you going. You can pair it with the café’s signature waffle slices or a savory turkey apple waffle so you are set for lunch!

1930 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Eastern Café

Located in the International District, the Eastern Café is a must stop for a blended matcha latte. The almond milk matcha latte is perfectly creamy with a strong sweetness. Pair it with a veggie crepe, or for you sweet toothed folks, try it with the fruity gelato. The café looks like a work-share space so bring your laptop and stay later for a glass of wine or two.

510 Maynard Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104


The minimalistic tea shop with pink soothing colors is inviting and provides a quiet space to relax and recharge. Go for the oatmilk matcha latte, handmade with the traditional whisker in front of you. Alternatively, indulge with a matcha peppermint white mocha or go for the dirty matcha, a mix with espresso and milk.

1715 12th Ave Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98122

Nana’s Green Tea

There is always a line at Nana’s, the Japanese chain that opened its first shop in continental United States in Seattle last November. It offers an exclusive long list of matcha lattes iced, hot or blended with various milks, sweeteners, syrups and creams. Nana’s is also known for its perfectly instagrammable matcha parfaits. Served in tall, slender glasses, the parfaits combine soft serve matcha, black sesame ice cream and jello with a selection of toppings that can include mochi and red paste. The choice is endless at Nana’s. Pair your latte with a matcha roll cake and don’t forget to check their Facebook page for menu additions.

1007 Stewart St Ste 103
Seattle, WA 98101

Sound & Fog

The *almost* secretly located Sound & Fog, not far from the West Seattle Junction, is the perfect spot for a strong matcha latte away from downtown’s noise. Order it with regular or oat milk and enjoy your leisurely Sunday afternoon. Later you can even have a glass of wine with friends or move across the street to Bohemian studios for a yoga class.

4735 40th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116