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A new Seattle app claims to help you skip the line at busy restaurants

Grab your phone and download this app right now - because ladies and gents, we have a game changer on our hands!

We all know the struggle. Friday night planning is in the works, and you want to try that trendy new restaurant. You give them a call, hoping to reserve a table for you and your friends only to find that they don’t accept reservations. UGH. So annoying. Do you really want to deal with the hassle of driving and parking, only to wait in a crowded lobby for an hour (or more) until a table opens? Me either. Especially when I have a toddler in tow.

Now there's a solution! Introducing the recently-launched Seattle-based app - Q Waitlist. It's pretty straight forward. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the app
  2. Get in the Q
  3. Track your spot in line and your wait time, and arrive when your table is ready

If the wait time is less than 20 minutes, Q is free. If it’s longer, the app charges the user a $5 fee (similar to the convenience fee for a service like Uber Eats) to help you skip the line.

To be clear - this isn't a reservation, rather it’s more checking into your spot in line, without having to physically be there. You can monitor the wait time from your phone so you have more time to sleep, drink, socialize - whatever you want!

So does it work?

Yes, it totally does! My girlfriends and I used the app to go to Junebaby for brunch after a girls night and it allowed us to sleep in a bit longer and take our time getting ready - aka the app gave us more time to deal with our 'wine headaches'.

“I married a foodie and live a life short on time," said founder/CEO Brian Johnson. "We love going out, but hated the hassle of choosing a popular restaurant when we were uncertain if there would be a wait time for a table. We would call ahead and if they answered, got the ubiquitous “We can’t put you on the waitlist until your entire party arrives”.

Then began the waiting.

"The whole experience often left us frustrated," he said. "We agreed there had to be a new and better way to give people back their time and take the hassle out of popular places. That’s why I created Q.”

Several top Seattle restaurants are already utilizing the app, including Junebaby, Reckless Noodle House, Copal and Porkchop & Co.

For a complete list and to download the app click HERE.