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Popular farmer's market kombucha company opens permanent taproom in South Lake Union

Seattle lovers of probiotic-packed kombucha have a new reason to pop some bottles. Seeking Kombucha, a farmers market favorite for years now - has opened a storefront in South Lake Union to serve up their small-batch, raw, organic and vegan kombucha. The fermentation station has 12 taps for all things fermented, including kombucha, jun, tepache, water kefir and several local beers and ciders. Come for some bubbles, but be sure to stay for games on the patio.

Seeking Kombucha began when Jeanette Macias was struggling with stomach pain. Almost overnight, kombucha seemed to be the cure, but her wife Lyz noticed the kombucha was packed with sugary fruit juices. Together, the two set about brewing their own kombucha to promote gut health while using ingredients from local farmers markets.

"When I decided to make my own kombucha, I wanted an understanding of where the ingredients came from," Jeanette said. "So we started using local farmers. That way, we knew where it was coming from, and we knew what was going into our kombucha."

What started as a small production at the Macias' household grew into brewing for family and friends and eventually expanded to selling at farmers markets. The South Lake Union store is a testament to how popular Seeking Kombucha's brew has become - Jeanette and Lyn now produce over 35 flavors. The fermentation station, however, sells more than just kombucha. The shop features a menu of mocktails and cocktails that highlight kombucha but mix in other fun ingredients, both boozy and non-alcoholic.

"We love to experiment with flavors, and so we're always trying new combos," Lyz said of incorporating seasonal fruits from local farms.

The two also love exotic fruits, which show up in a special Seeking Kombucha mocktail menu item at the shop. The "This is Us" is a nod to Jeanette's Mexican heritage by featuring prickly pear syrup mixed with calamansi lime, a nod to Lyz's Filipino heritage. Top it off with your choice of kombucha on tap and choose between a Mexican or Filipino candy to enjoy on the side.

Lyz said the mocktails and cocktails menu is a great place to start for those who are unsure if they're fans of kombucha.

"I like to mess around with the menu to make kombucha more enjoyable for people who don't want to drink kombucha by itself," she said. "We're looking for ways to introduce kombucha to people in a way they enjoy."

Seeking Kombucha's new shop has space for a classroom, and the Macias' plan to eventually offer classes to help small business owners navigate the complicated world of operations. With an emphasis on community health and wellbeing, Seeking Kombucha's goal is more than providing a tasty means for better gut health. To them, it's as important as the mother culture that is necessary to make every bottle of kombucha.

"To us, our community is like a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) molded together from its surrounding environment. It creates a protection and barrier to uplift and create growth," Jeanette Macias said. "That's what we want to provide for our community by not only offering gut healthy drinks but offering a safe community space to learn and grow together."

Seeking Kombucha's fermentation station is located at 1091 Thomas St Suite A in South Lake Union. It's open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Dogs are welcome. Can't make it to the shop? Seeking Kombucha offers free delivery within King Country on all online orders over $22.

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