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(Image: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)

3 Seattle restaurants make The New York Times 2021 Restaurant List

What do Archipelago, Communion and Paju have in common? They all made The New York Times' 2021 Restaurant List!

The list — which is in alphabetical order, not ranked — was compiled by critics, reporters and editors around the country, tasked by the NYT Food Desk with finding the "most exciting" restaurants of the year. It was published Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Archipelago in Hillman City celebrates Filipino cuisine and flavors with Pacific Northwest flare. Communion Restaurant & Bar owner Kristi Brown's style of cooking can be summed up in two words: Seattle soul. And Paju in Lower Queen Anne offers modern takes on traditional Korean cuisine.

Seattle is definitely a foodie city. So, to see three local restaurants commemorated in this way? We love to see it! You can view the full list online.