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78% Uganda. (Image: Angi Pfleiderer)

Seattle's ChocolateSpiel is a German play on chocolate sprinkled with local ingredients

Patience is a virtue for the simple fact that waiting is hard to do. Waiting for the weekend, waiting for new episodes to come out, or waiting for the oven to preheat so the pizza can go in - waiting is a test of patience and leaves us wondering how to best fill the time.

In 2016, Angi Pfleiderer found herself waiting. Having recently moved to Seattle from Germany, she was waiting for her work permit to clear to get back to work as a chemical engineer. To fill her time waiting, Pfleiderer had a genius idea: she would tour some of Seattle’s best chocolate operations. Along the way, she began to recognize that some of the machinery used in chocolate production was the same she used as a chemical engineer.

“That was really the first time I thought, “Oh, maybe I could work in chocolate?’ But it wasn’t really something serious in my head,” Pfleiderer said.

The thought only intensified though, and in 2019, she launched her own company, ChocolateSpiel, a small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate business.

Using high-quality chocolate, Pfleiderer’s mission is to make exceptionally great chocolate more accessible, and she’s doing so by adding colorful designs to each chocolate creation.

“Say you sent me to the store to get a bottle of wine,” Pfleiderer explained. “I don’t know the vocabulary or what pairs well together, so I would just grab something that looks nice. The same thing is happening with chocolate; it can be really unapproachable and complicated, so I added the colors to make it fun and build a bridge between people and chocolate.”

ChocolateSpiel’s bars and bonbons are colorful creations that Pfleiderer handmakes each step of the way from roasting the raw cacao beans to mixing the colors. The end result is a piece of art that also tastes delicious.

Some of ChocolateSpiel’s bestsellers are the chai latte bar, the vegan white chocolate with raspberry and macadamia nuts, and the peanut butter chocolate bar. However, any order would be incomplete without the charcoal habanero salt bar and an order of the vegan hazelnut truffles.

Popping up at farmers markets around the Seattle area, Pfleiderer aims to incorporate fellow vendor’s ingredients into her chocolates whenever possible. The salt in the charcoal habanero salt bar comes from Aroma Spice Co. in Gig Harbor which Pfleiderer found while next to the booth at a market.

“I love to use local products from other small businesses in my chocolates,” she said.

Spiel is a German word meaning “game” or “play,” and Pfleiderer aims for ChocolateSpiel to be a fun, playful chocolate experience, designed for everyone to savor.

“For us, chocolate is an essential part of a happy life,” she said.

Not only is ChocolateSpiel delicious bites of happiness, it’s edible artwork.

ChocolateSpiel is available to order online for shipping anywhere in the U.S. so long as the temp doesn't exceed 90 degrees. Grab some bars at local farmers markets, sign up for a tasting course, or special order custom bonbons or truffles for a special event.