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(Image: Rapport)

Pour It Yourself: Rapport in Capitol Hill has more than 80 wines on tap

Sitting on top of Capitol Hill sits a unique experience — Seattle's first-ever self-pour experience with more than 80 wines on tap.

The line-up is huge, featuring wine from around the world to local vineyards. Here at Rapport, it starts with keeping the snobbiness out of the glass.

"I think there's just a relaxing element," said owner David Clawson. "It's all that exploring, trying new things."

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While wine might be the show-stopper at Rapport, there's also beer. The process for both works the same. You get a card you use to pour your drink, and you pay by the ounce — you can pour a sip or fill it to the rim. The world is your oyster!

Rapport is one stop shopping for wine, beer, coffee and food. Everything here is done to perfection made with local, organic ingredients.

"It's fresh, it's beautiful. You have all these people that are part of your community that are growing it," said executive chef Michael Law. "It's just fun to work with that kind of food."

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The menu is simple, but deep in taste. Everything is artistic.

"We pretty much only use local purveyors," said Clawson.

At Rapport, you could say they pour their heart into everything — and it shows.

"That's what it's all about, really, seeing people happy," said Law. "That's very important."