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(Image: Salt & Straw)

Are you a Cereal Killer who also Screams for Ice Cream? You're in luck

If you enjoy a bowl of Lucky Charms every once in a while and love ice cream, keep reading.

You know Salt & Straw, right? The treasured Portland-founded ice cream company? Of course, you do! Well, their popular "Cereal-sly" menu, featuring five cereal-themed ice cream flavors, is officially back through April 22. The menu includes:

Pots of Gold & Rainbows

This is one of Salt & Straw's all-time bestsellers — delicious ice cream with tons of rainbow mallows!

OffLimits’ Dash Cold Brew Cocoa Crisps

It's breakfast, coffee and dessert in one — cold brew ice cream with OffLimits’ "Dash" coffee and cocoa cereal.

Peanut Butter Captain Munch (dairy-free)

Oat milk ice cream with peanut butter cereal clusters and peanut butter swirl.

Snap 'N Crackle Marshmallow Treats

Brown butter marshmallow treats crunch in malty graham ice cream.

Cornflake Cookies w/ Marionberry Jam

House-made marionberry jam meets cereal-flecked ice cream and crumble brown butter sugar cookies.

The "Cereal-sly" are available at local scoop shops and available for local delivery and nationwide shipping. Click here for more information.