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(Image: Mighty O)
(Image: Mighty O)
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Plan now for a Mighty-O donut date on Valentine's Day

(Image: Mighty O)(Image: Mighty O)

My husband jokes that I love love. And he is right! All things Valentine’s Day catch my eye! Thank goodness, Valentine’s Day can be stretched through the entire month of February. In fact, you can get going right now with a fun Valentine’s Day project that Mighty-O Donuts is kicking off.

Who is Mighty-O? Well, they’re an all-organic, non-GMO donut shop that has called Seattle home for almost two decades! They’ve made it their mission to do good within the communities they serve and Valentine’s Day has inspired them to get everyone involved.

For this upcoming season of love, Mighty-O Donuts is inviting Seattleites to join in a simple, creative Valentine’s Day date idea. It is an opportunity for you to surprise a special someone with an invitation to enjoy a delicious donut and your fabulous company. Here’s how:

Between now and February 10th, pop into your favorite Mighty-O location. There is probably one in regular path to work, school, or home seeing that they’re in Green Lake, Capitol Hill, Ballard, Denny Triangle, and 2nd and Madison.

There you’ll find blank “Meet Me At Mighty-O” postcards. Fill one out inviting a loved one for a casual donut and coffee date on February 14th. Think pre-work breakfast, mid-morning meet-up, after school treat, dessert stop before settling in for the night you pick! You can invite a significant other, your mom, a co-worker, your niece/nephew anyone! After all, who wouldn’t want to meet for a Mighty-O donut?

Mighty-O will mail your postcard and just like that you’ll be spreading the love of the season to someone special. And, you’ll both have something awesome to look forward to come Valentine’s Day. I mean, who wouldn’t want to anticipate a fabulous donut with a treasured someone?

If you’re in need of a few postcard worthy phrases, give one of these a try on your Mighty-O postcard:

  • I’m donuts about you!
  • I like you a hole lot!
  • Donut ever forget how much you mean to me!
  • I donut know what I’d do without you!
  • Oh sprinkles! You’re sweet!