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Old Fashioned by 30 Years - $150. Don pancho 30 year rum, angostura bitters, demerara sugar, orange peel. Obviously Seattle is not the cheapest city in the world BUT I think we may have found Seattle's most expensive cocktail menu. Frolik, a popular roof top bar in the Motif Hotel, has what they call a "Millionaire Menu" where the margs are over $100 and the martini is $200... Would you pay that kind of money for some of these cocktails? The reason these cocktails are so expensive is because of the liquor that they are mixing them with. It's some serious top shelf action, so you are getting the bang for your buck, no doubt. Cheers, ya'll! (Image: Tatyana Konyakhina)

This may just be the most expensive cocktail menu in Seattle

A new drink menu has us seeing dollar signs! Frolik Kitchen+Cocktails is one of the top bars in Seattle. It's located inside the Motif Hotel and people swarm to the hot spot during the summer thanks to the massive rooftop deck. But right now, there's another Frolik feature creating a buzz. Their new Millionaires Menu!

Just check out these prices:

  • Beauty in Paradis - $280
  • Best Martini Ever - $200
  • Masterpiece Manhattan - $76
  • The Mogul's Margarita - $128
  • Old Fashioned by 30 Years - $150

Of course, Refined wanted to see if these drinks really live up to the hype, so we stopped by to taste these cocktails ourselves. Check out the video!