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Olympia's Humble Cow Ice Cream makes natural ingredients eggs-citing

Eggs typically come in a mundane carton. Gray, white, or brownish cardboard contain little ovals waiting to be transformed into quiche, eggs benedict, or play an integral role in a birthday cake. At Humble Cow Ice Cream in south Olympia, you can get creamy delights served up in a delightful, colorful egg carton.

Meegan Cronk opened Humble Cow Ice Cream on Jan. 15 in the Olympia Pediatric Dentistry building. She had always made homemade ice cream in small batches for family and friends, but her operation expanded when new construction popped up in her neighborhood.

“The idea first came up when I saw the rendering of the building that was going up in our community,” Cronk said. “It's a dense community, but doesn’t have too many walkable things and so I was really excited about the walkability and the community aspect of it.”

On the menu at Humble Cow Ice Cream are some of the classic favorite flavors everyone enjoys like rocky road, minty chip, chocolate, and vanilla. The menu gets inventive with flavors like birthday party, cherry chip, coconut cream, and seasonal specials like peppermint chocolate chunk.

Choosing just one flavor can be an overwhelming challenge, which is where the colorful egg carton comes into play. With room for six scoops, the Taster’s Flight is the perfect answer to ice cream flavor indecision.

Cronk wanted Humble Cow’s ice cream options to be a bit different. She’s only using high-quality ingredients, which meant partnering with some local businesses.

“The process of making ice cream isn't too hard, but the ingredients are really the critical part,” Cronk said. “I really want to use an all-natural base and products and I wanted the ingredients to be local.”

Humble Cow’s ice cream base comes from Bellingham and uses real sugar instead of corn syrup. The chocolate and fruit are local to the area, and even Humble Cow’s logo and website designer is from Seattle.

Cronk said Humble Cow will always have three dairy-free options for an inclusive menu. There’s also a Pup Cup for the four-legged family members and Humble Cow’s menu also includes custom ice cream cakes.

“The one goal is to connect with friends, family and neighbors and create a sense of community,” Cronk said.

What better way to do this than over a turquoise egg carton overflowing with ice cream?

Humble Cow Ice Cream is located at 4528 Maple Lane Southeast, Suite 104 in Olympia and is open everyday from 2 to 9 p.m.

Lauren Allain is a freelance writer for Seattle Refined. See more of her work here.

[Correction: An earlier version of this article stated eggs are a key ingredient in Humble Cow Ice Cream, but their ice cream does not contain eggs. You can still enjoy their tasting flight in an adorable egg carton.]