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(Image courtesy Charity Burggraaf, Fairmont Olympic Hotel)

New meets timeless at Fairmont's new hotspot The George

I couldn’t tell whether the Fairmont Olympic Hotel's new restaurant, The George, had been open for weeks or years, and I feel like that’s a testament to the fact that these guys truly know what they’re doing, from the hostess to the chef.

Immediately upon arrival, I was captivated by the décor. Giant circular light fixtures and marble finishes made me feel like I stepped into a Parisian dream smack dab in the PNW. A modern twist on the history of Seattle with a nod to the brasserie. Fancy but not fussy.

I’m not sure if I’ve just been drinking in Seattle for too long, or they're simply that good at their job, but the staff felt very friendly and familiar. A few servers would swoop by recommending drinks, apps, or just to say hello. It was like everyone involved was extremely dedicated to making sure we had the best experience possible. Jovial and light, with knowledge about the menu that was so detailed, my steak and potato-loving husband’s head was spinning.

Speaking of the menu, let’s get to my favorites. Starting with, of course, cocktails. A bubbly rosé accompanied the house-made Nori Sourdough, and it wasn’t until the faint seaweed taste hit my mouth that I realized what Nori was. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it!

The real highlight for me was the sea scallops dancing in between slices of pork belly, a delectable and lighter surf and turf option. Of course, I had to steal a handful of fries from my husband’s steak entree, for research purposes, obviously. Those were also delicious.

Chef Thomas Cullen was kind enough to send over some geoduck and salmon belly crudo from the raw bar and while I’m not much of a raw food fan, I can say that the flavors drizzled around the salmon took it to a whole new level.

"I have curated a menu that is both approachable and memorable," Cullen said. "With our access to the best this region has to offer, we look forward to welcoming guests to experience this classic dining room in a new way, with visually stunning dishes that tempt the senses and feed the palate in a thoughtful and respectful manner."

Cullen is committed to bringing in quality ingredients from local farmers and producers. Whether you’re popping in for a quick bite or going big with the Olympic Seafood Tower, you'll find the most impressive display of PNW seafood at its finest.

On a side note, the beautiful décor serves as a fantastic background to any Instagram post. And if you’re looking for a new spot to host a client or meet a friend after work, The George has you covered, for all occasions.

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