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(Image: Morning Glory Chai)

Seattle-made Morning Glory Chai uses natural ingredients for the ideal blend

While Jessica Vidican-Neisius was working on her graduate degree in California, she frequently visited her cousin in Seattle. It was during these trips to our beautiful city that she had a revelation of her life's purpose: Bring chai to the people of Seattle.

Seattle had great coffee (of course), but Vidican-Neisius couldn't find chai anywhere. She had recently learned about the amazing taste and benefits of chai and strongly felt that Seattle needed not just any chai, but a chai specially blended for our city.

So, after graduation, she moved to Seattle and embarked on a journey to blend the perfect Seattle chai.

While working at Tenzing Momo, the Tibetan apothecary in Pike Place Market, Vidican-Neisius worked to perfect her chai recipe. She did all kinds of experiments to discover the best flavor profile for her chai. For example, how does it taste with pastries? Before or after coffee? With cigarettes? She collaborated with coworkers and customers to tweak the blend until she eventually "got to this harmonious place where all of the flavors were melding together just right."

Vidican-Neisius describes Morning Glory Chai as having a "balanced flavor. It's not so gingery and peppery, and it's not so clovey that it makes your mouth numb. It's made with real ingredients. No synthetics, preservatives, [or] artificial flavors."

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Originally, Vidican-Neisius sold Morning Glory Chai through a few cafes and then started her own chai house in Ballard. But after years in the retail business, Vidican-Neisius decided to focus exclusively on selling her chai wholesale. She wanted to work on getting chai to as many people as possible.

Morning Glory Chai is about as half as sweet as most chai blends, uses honey and maple syrup as sweeteners, and includes many beneficial botanicals. As Vidican-Neisius points out, Morning Glory Chai is not just a dessert chai — you can have it for breakfast without loading up on sugar. Of course, if you like your chai sweet, you can sweeten Morning Glory Chai to your heart's delight.

Though there's no one right or best way to enjoy chai, Vidican-Neisius' favorite way to drink it is out on a cold, brisk walk, all bundled up and warm. A hot drink on a chilly winter walk? Sounds like a great combination as we weather the next few months of winter.

Curious about how you might like your chai? Try it out by picking some up at a local retailer or purchasing directly from the website.

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