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Chef Jason Wilson, owner and head chef at Lakehouse as well James Beard Award winner for Best PNW Chef (Image: Seattle Refined)

Chef Jason Wilson is Crab King of the Northwest

One step inside The Lakehouse in Bellevue, you know you are in for a treat.

The man behind the magic is owner and chef, Jason Wilson, a winner of the prestigious James Beard Award for Best Northwest Chef.

"I feel incredibly fortunate," explained Wilson. "Now it's about looking forward and mentoring and honoring that award and making sure I'm doing the right thing by it."

Wilson is on target in the kitchen. His restaurant, Lakehouse, is one of the top spots in the state, serving locally sourced ingredients and when it comes to fish, like stable fish or even crab, Wilson has a direct line to the source. You could say Wilson is the crab king of the Northwest, especially when it's Alaskan Crab.

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"There is something, I hate to say the word perfect, just something right about eating it," he said. "It's super delicious, tender, rich, sweet and has that lovely flavor of the ocean without being over powerful. It's just delicious."

And when I went in to make a dish with Chef, you can guess what we made. A King Crab Risotto.

The risotto was made with a little bit of lemon juice, some vegetable stock and coconut milk to add a nice finish and add richness and sweetness. And you can't forget the butter and lots of it, topped with a little basil, tarragon and lemon juice.

After a few minutes, we were ready to put everything together. Once the Alaskan King Crab Risotto were platted, we added some fresh chili, cilantro and basil.

"We give away what we love every time we serve somebody and it's part of our process," said Wilson. "Part of that is giving them an experience that they'll either remember or reflect on and say 'wow, that was really good,' that's our small goal."