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“To make something easy from home but still have your drink serve as a low-calorie drink, use a syrup that doesn’t come from a soda gun or plastic bag,” says Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.'s Megan Rainwater. (Image: Megan Rainwater / Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.)

Local bartenders try and help T. Swift be less boring (in her drink choices)

In a recent Vogue interview, Taylor Swift shocked the nation with her super boring drink preference: vodka and Diet Coke.

Obviously, something needed to be done to remedy this horror immediately. To the rescue - Bravo's food blog "The Feast", who detailed "8 Easy Cocktails That Are Way More Stylish Than a Vodka & Diet Cola."

We all do it because we love you, Taylor.

On the list are two creations from our very own lil' Seattle.

Megan Rainwater of Blind Tiger Cocktail Company used a bit of California and Coachella influences to bring pink into Swift's previously bland drink, creating "Palm Springs Forever." Rainwater wanted to keep the star's bevvy low-cal and chose the fresh flavor in Raft's Hibiscus Syrup with the herbal notes in Hendrick's Gin, with fresh lime, Thai basil vinegar and soda.

Jessie Cyr of Rob Roy in Seattle kept with some of the cola flavors in his recipe for "Silvio's Crossing." It involves light rum, Meletti amaro, dry vermouth and Angostura bitters.

You can see the full recipes in the Bravo article, along with other ideas from London, Montreal, Boston and beyond.