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All treats and no tricks. Every flavor is delicious!

Learn how to brew these Halloween concoctions from Jack Daniel's

Are you looking for something fun to do before Halloween? Look no further!

There is a great Pumpkin Painting and Cocktail Class that we can suggest from Sound Excursions!

Tap into your creative side with Seattle artist Gabrielle Abbott and a little inspiration from our friends at Jack Daniel's. Gabrielle will teach you how to paint pumpkins using several techniques. Everything you need for this virtual on-demand craft-along comes delivered in your kit!

Sound Excursions will also walk you through the process of making three delicious Halloween inspired cocktails: Jack-O-Lantern Lemonade, Poison Apple, and Flaming Skull. Follow along with the cocktail portion by picking up a mini bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple, and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey at your local retailer or via Drizly! A small 50-milliliter bottle of each is a great way to try them all!

If you're looking to grab a full bottle but don't know which Jack Daniel's expression to try, don't worry! There's no trick. They're all treats! You can't go wrong with any flavor you pick.

And it gets even better! With the spooky season well underway, what better way to finish off your evening after your pumpkins are painted than with a couple of great horror flicks!

Check out Do206's top recommendations for the best horror movies to watch this October along with some amazing and spooky cocktail pairings! So grab the popcorn, snag a pillow in case you need to avert your eyes, and get ready to have the pants scared off of you.

Just remember to always drink responsibly. Happy Halloween, girls and ghouls!