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(Image: Courtesy Irwin's)

Irwin's Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe is a cozy Wallingford comfort

Just blocks downhill from the bustle of Wallingford’s main drag of shops and restaurants, Irwin’s Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe is a must-visit. Come for their delicious food and stay for the cozy, light-filled ambiance.

Irwin’s has served the Wallingford community for over 20 years. Whether you pick up your morning brew, grab lunch with a friend, or study next to their floor-to-ceiling windows, the food and coffee shop vibe at Irwin’s is perfect for any Seattle day.

Manager Rachel Fecher focuses on providing high-quality and environmentally-friendly food options.

"My goal and ethics for food choices are mainly environmentally-focused. We homemake everything in small batches so there is little food and packaging waste. Also, lots of food waste gets fed to local chickens."

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Fecher notes that Irwin’s uses "seasonal, local produce, and [makes] a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. For example, we have seasonal quiche (probably the best thing on the menu!), a seasonal house salad, and seasonal soups that are always vegan. I also developed the Vegan Kale Caesar, which is very popular."

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All of this deliciousness is served up in Irwin’s eclectic spot - a sole commercial building in the heart of a residential area. There are six to eight cozy spots for studying or chatting, rotating local art on the walls, and a community bulletin board filled with flyers.

Another core component of Irwin’s is supporting both local businesses and the local community. You’ll find loads of locally-owned businesses represented throughout Irwin’s, such as Blue Star Coffee, Blazing Bagels, Columbia Gorge Organic, Merlino Foods, Morning Glory Chai, and The Shepherd's Grain flour. Irwin’s also contributes to the Real Rent campaign with the Duwamish Tribe, provides food daily for a small homeless shelter, and supplies a local church food scraps and coffee grounds for their growing permaculture food forest.

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For the best Irwin’s experience, Fecher recommends bringing a friend, grabbing lunch, and sitting and staying a while. She notes that weekends are very busy, so don’t be surprised if there’s a wait!

Customer favorites from the bakery include, “Hands down, the chocolate chip cookies. Also, the marionberry pie, the apple foldovers, and scones and muffins."

As for me? Any day that starts with an Irwin’s scone (Apple Pecan and Cherry Almond are my favorite!) is going to be a good day. You just can’t beat the oversized, flavor-packed scones - you just can’t.

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