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(Image: Howdy Bagel)

Howdy Bagel just rode into town with hand-rolled bagels & incredible schmears

Saddle up, Seattle; we’ve got some bagels to wrangle. Howdy Bagel is making small-batch, hand-rolled artisanal bagels with flavor combos that we’re eating for breakfast, brunch, lunch, lunner, and dinner.

Jake Carter and his partner Daniel Blagovich started Howdy Bagel last March, taking to their kitchen as a creative outlet during the pandemic. Blagovich isn’t super into sweets, so the two opted for a baking endeavor that didn’t involve desserts. After long nights and early mornings, the duo perfected their bagel process, and after whipping up incredible schmears, Howdy Bagel came to life. It’s a mix of Carter and Blagovich’s love of baking and their desire to give back to the city they love.

“What we do is meant to be very warm and inviting and fun,” Carter said of Howdy Bagel. “At the same time, we want to serve an elevated product and one that's very well made and made with a lot of love.”

There’s nothing but love for the process of creating a Howdy Bagel, the ingredients that go into it, and the taste. Taking 36 to 48 hours to make, the bagels start their journey as a basic sponge dough and get left to proof for 10 to 12 hours. Then Carter and Blagovich hand roll each bagel and leave them to proof again before it’s time for a boil and bake.

The bagel lineup includes plain, everything, sesame, poppy seed, rosemary sea salt, and za’atar, a spice blend that pays homage to the time Carter spent living in Beirut, Lebanon. Howdy Bagel also makes a jalapeno cheddar with Beecher's Handmade Cheese melted on top.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite flavor from Howdy Bagel, but Carter and Blagovich went a step further in the menu offerings with handmade schmears. The lemony dill schmear atop a rosemary sea salt bagel, pecan maple schmear on a plain bagel, or the cowboy spice schmear with its slow-cooked tomato jam, adobo chili peppers, and jalapenos on an everything bagel.

“We're constantly kind of coming up with different ideas for schmears,” Carter said. “ The nice thing about our bagels is, for the most part, we don't add in a lot of ingredients to the dough. We kind of let that speak for itself. Where we end up doing more is with the seasoning on top and the schmear.”

Rather than choose one favorite, we’ve found it easier to pick which is most suitable depending on the time of day and work that into a healthy rotation of bagel combinations.

“Our bagels are probably not what you're gonna see in a supermarket or grocery store,” Carter said. “They're usually a little bit smaller, and not every one is gonna be shaped the exact same shape.”

Carter and Blagovich have found enormous support in starting their business within the Seattle and Tacoma baking scene, especially within the queer community.

“We've both become so much more comfortable with who we are, in terms of being gay,” Carter said. “We wanted to just fully adopt that with our brand and make it super fun and welcoming, and it kind of catches your eye in a silly way.”

Although we take our bagels and schmears seriously, the flavors, logos, and team leave us feeling the warmth and fun Howdy Bagel intends.

Order online from Howdy Bagel for delivery every Saturday in Seattle from Northgate to White Center. Tacoma orders pickup at Field Bar & Bottle Shop located at 2614 6th Ave. Orders open on Sundays at 6 p.m. for Saturday delivery or pickup. Be sure to add a Howdy Bagel Burly Man tee to your bagel order, as well, and check Instagram for current popup information.