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Oscars Menu: 10 kilos caviar, 1,400 bottles champagne & MUCH more

The Oscars.

You watch them every year. They brighten your February. You love sitting back and gabbin' with the gals about which celeb wore it better, had the best acceptance speech, and shed the most tears when they win those little golden guys.

But as you sit on the couch with your $10 bottle of merlot and TV dinner, do you ever wonder about the abundance of fabulous food and booze that goes into this one night of the year?! So do we.

Here's the skinny folks. We've got some fun behind the scenes facts of what goes into making the Oscar's clock tick. Here is what the Academy Awards are serving up to their illustrious guests this year:

  • 1,400 bottles of Piper-Heidsieck which means more than 12,000 glasses of Champagne
  • 2,200 bottles of wine from Francis Ford Copola Winery which means 10,000 glasses
  • 10 kilos of American farm-raised caviar
  • 7,500 individual US Shrimp
  • 250 Maine Lobster
  • 800 stone crab claws
  • 15 pounds winter black truffles from Burgundy
  • 1,000 assorted chocolate movie theater flavor bonbon
  • 20 gallons housemade gelato
  • 1,050 handmade waffle cones
  • 1,000 individual plated desserts
  • 2,000 assorted cookies
  • 30 pounds edible gold dust
  • 7,000 mini chocolate Oscars

Happy Oscars, you guys!