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InnovAsian offers a versatile portfolio of chef-created meals that will help you spice up your kids' lunches and your weekly dinners. (Photo credit: Erin Scott)

Help your kids make delicious bento boxes for school

When was the last time you tried something new with your children's lunches? Making the same meal every day might be easy, but it can feel redundant and not very exciting.

If you're like millions of other parents looking for inspiration to jazz up your school lunch rituals, meet InnovAsian, a Tukwila-based company that has been creating high-quality, delicious, easy-to-make Asian cuisine for more than 20 years. Their frozen meals have revolutionized grocery shopping for families everywhere by making restaurant-quality dishes accessible in minutes from the comfort of your own kitchen. These meals are also perfect for building bento boxes your kids can take to school with them!

InnovAsian offers a versatile portfolio of chef-created meals that will help you spice up your kids' lunches and your weekly dinners, no matter how many picky eaters you have in the family. Select from options like General Tso's chicken, orange chicken, vegetable fried rice, pork fried rice, potstickers, and so much more, and see how your family's faces light up daily!

Let your kids help you in the kitchen!

Nobody would blame a parent for asking for a little help in the kitchen. With InnovAsian's convenient frozen meals, you can recruit your children to assist you with their own lunches. The recipes are easy to follow, and InnovAsian's selection gives your kids the chance to pick something new every time you go shopping.

Now, you might be thinking, "How do I get my child to want to cook?" InnovAsian removes the stress of cooking altogether, with dishes that can be prepared and served within minutes. Pour out the ingredients from the frozen bag and watch as your kids get excited to make their own lunches with rice molds that transform their side dish into a bunny or a panda bear that they can decorate with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. They'll be so busy having fun that they don't even realize that they've prepared their meal for the next day.

Find some recipes to spark some inspiration in the kitchen here. And don't worry about running out of ideas because InnovAsian is constantly evolving their menu to offer new types of meals that will feed families around the world and bring smiles to faces everywhere.

No matter how you and your kids choose to pack your bento boxes, InnovAsian provides endless possibilities for delicious meals your kids will be happy to eat. Don't stop at school lunches either. Mix and match your favorites for easy lunches and dinners the whole family can enjoy anytime. Check out all the options at