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Courtesy Janet Tan

Fairyland Pastry brings whimsy and sweetness to big life events

Janet Tan is a self-proclaimed "sugar artist." She used to work in the travel industry, but started Fairyland Pastry based in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood during the pandemic. Now she delights customers with colorful, innovative treats to elevate any occasion as her full-time gig. Tan's dazzling creations help folks match delicious deserts with themed birthday parties and celebratory life events, ranging from graduations to anniversaries and beyond.

Tan has always loved art, and a few Christmases ago, a relative gave her a commercial KitchenAid mixer and some recipe books featuring cookies. This led her to begin exploring the world of sugar cookies, and the rest —as they say — is history.

"I found the process of making and decorating cookies to be fun and rewarding," she says. "I made cookies to give to friends and eventually people started ordering from me."

Today, Tan's repertoire continues to expand, as she makes customized sugar cookies for a vast array of events, special occasions and major holidays.

"Many of my clients use my cookies as a token of appreciation and as special giveaways," she adds.

As the mother of two, Tan has found that owning a business has allowed her to spend more time with her children — a true perk of the trade.

"The most challenging part of my job," she admits, "is the fine details involved in decorating my cookies."

Tan has grand plans for the future of her business and beautiful creations. She hopes to soon delve into other pastry styles, too, so keep your eyes peeled and your palate prepped.

Her website is the best place to stay updated on the latest seasonal baked goods and special offerings. (NOTE: No shipping; pick-up only.)

Corinne Whiting is a freelance writer for Seattle Refined. Follow more of her work here.