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Donut Factory offers 80 different types of donuts on a daily basis. From classics like cake donuts, maple bars and fritters to fresh flavors like Fruity Pebbles and Oreo. (Courtesy: Donut Factory)

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches are the hole-y experience you need this summer

If you love freshly fried confections, visiting Donut Factory is sort of a hole-y experience. Their motto is 'Donut worry, be happy, ' and happy - actually OVERJOYED - is how you feel stepping into this delicious destination.

"We’re a real donut shop," said Bryan Phaysith, owner and King of the Cruller . "We have the best selection, the freshest quality. The best ingredients."

This place is known for it's incredible selection. According to him, on any given day they offer over 80 types of donuts. All the classics: buttermilks, crullers, fritters, old fashioned, raised, cake doughnuts. You name it, we do it all.

The magic happens in the kitchen. Then while they're still fresh - the donuts are placed in the display case. And it's not one size fits all.

For example, they have "regular-sized" fritters - but there are also some big as frisbees!

"We have our extra large fritter and our regular-sized fritter," said Phaysith with a grin.

They also make an a-dough-able treat, with a really 'cool' ingredient: an ice cream sandwich made with a sliced donut. They slice a donut in half, fill it with ice cream and then for crunch - a surprise ingredient: Fruity Pebbles cereal! It's the perfect treat for hot summer days.

"We have our bacon and maple, a little sweet and savory," he explained. "This is our West Coast 'cronut', we call it our 'crobar,'" he noted. "It’s a croissant-donut hybrid."

And the yummy tastes go on an on.

"We have a glazed cinnamon or Nutella. We have our Fruity Pebble donut here - and one thing that we’ve just introduced that we’re really excited about here is we have our vegan donut with Ube, which is like a purple yam, sweet yam with coconut."

And if eating donuts makes you thirsty, they also offer a delectable duo - a fun drink, served with a donut on top.

"This is a perfect combo, which is any drink or coffee, on in this case a Lava Flow Lemonade - paired with a doughnut," said Phaysith.

The place has it all from A to Z - literally! They also make individual letter donuts the size of a cake.

"Our custom letter donuts are for any special occasion, birthday’s any celebrations you name it," he stated.

You call spell out any name, emotion or in our case - TV show and website. They spelled out 'Seattle Refined' for us! Whatever donut you desire - the folks at Donut Factory make you feel like family.

"I think that’s where we get our brand loyalty. We get a lot of people that just keep coming back and it takes them back to a warm and cozy place where they grew up," said Phaysith with a grin.

Donut Factory has two locations. One in Seattle's University District (open 5 am - 10 pm daily) and the other in Lynnwood (open 5 am - 7 pm daily).