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The Haystack! (Photo Credit: Gretchen Bossio)

Ask for 'The Haystack' at Cutter's Point Coffee Co. You won't regret it

Local coffee shops are my jam.

You too? Well, have you happened upon Cutter’s Point Coffee Co. yet?

Their flagship store is in Gig Harbor and from there they have grown throughout the South Sound - Tacoma, Lacey, Lakewood, and Kent. If one is close to you, get there ASAP! Almost all Cutter's Points have drive thrus and they're currently offering to go counter service - locations with drive thru availability are noted with a car symbol here.

I love the warmth of their atmosphere (especially the cozy fireplaces that you’ll find in some locations so look forward to visiting those when things reopen) and their featured drinks always turn out to be my favorite. Plus, there is nothing better than supporting PNW founded shops and the baristas they employ. In fact, years ago, I was one of those baristas! Back in high school, serving up coffee at Cutter’s Point was my first real job.

It has been many years since I was a barista, but these days I’m still a faithful Cutter’s Point patron. I can almost bet that Cutter’s Point will forever be one of my favorites, not only for the welcoming environment and speedy drive-thru, but they serve up a mean Haystack!

What’s that, you ask? Well, a Lacey barista introduced this secret menu request to me awhile back and I’ve since fallen in love. The Haystack is a decadent blend of caramel sauce and coconut and it’s now my go-to. I would have never paired those two flavors together, but - Barista Knows Best! I followed her recommendation, first in a blended frappe (yum!) and then in a hot drink (so smooth!) and both options are amazing. Caramel sauce and coconut aren’t a typical combo, especially when it comes to coffee, but trust me, they pair perfectly with espresso.

That sweet barista also taught me the beauty of blending white chocolate and vanilla in what she called the Snowflake Mocha. After the holidays I slowed down my mocha consumption and started ordering a Snowflake americano with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Of course, it was perfect! My daughter recently gave the Milky Way a try, another recommendation, and she said it was heavenly.

Pretty much, always listen to your baristas recommendations. They’ll clue you in on the best coffee treats! Just ask!

Cutter’s Point Coffee Co. has history in the northwest dating back to 1995 when the folks behind it bought Austin Chase Coffee, a small espresso stand in Gig Harbor. In 2001, they opened their own roasting facility and rebranded. It was then that Cutter’s Point was officially born and additional shops and drive thrus opened throughout the South Sound. Today there are eleven locations you can visit and order a delicious cup of coffee.

For over two decades now Cutter’s Point Coffee Co. has been roasting beans and creating artisan beverages for their coffee-loving community. Will they serve you a cup of joe next?

Head that way and request the Haystack, the Snowflake, or a Milky Way in a hot, iced, or blended drink whatever you fancy! Or, let your barista surprise you with something new they’ve been working on, I’m certain that won’t disappoint either.