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The Coupe & Flute, where every day is a good day for bubbly

For a lot of folks, champagne is reserved for special occasions, but at The Coupe & Flute, they believe every day is a good day for bubbly.

"There's just something about it that makes it feel like you're treating yourself, and we like that," said Curt Waller, co-owner of The Coupe & Flute.

Located on a bustling stretch of Beacon Hill, The Coupe & Flute is owned and operated by Waller and Brooke St. Sauver. Partners in both business and life, the space was born of the couple's shared love of sparkling wine.

"We call ourselves a champagne tavern," said Waller. "We're down to earth, very accessible. We wanted to create a space that felt like an extension of our home because we love hospitality and we know we're going to be living here pretty much. I like to say it feels like a little piece of Europe landed in Seattle."

Waller is a service industry veteran, while St. Sauver's background is in corporate retail — neither is a trained sommelier. Instead, they approach sparkling wine as a constant journey of discovery both for themselves and their guests.

"We're learning more and more every day," said St. Sauver.

"It's a nice thing to tell our guests too because sometimes people are intimidated," said Waller. "[They'll say] I don't know anything about [sparkling wine]. It's like I didn't know anything about it until fairly recently, so we can learn together."

In addition to a selection of more than 70 bottles, The Coupe & Flute offers sparkling wines by the glass, including four champagnes. The list rotates each month and it's designed to be accessible, with the vast majority of pours priced at under $20.

"What really drew me to [The Coupe & Flute] is it's really hard to try new champagne or try champagne. So, it's nice to come in and have a glass and get some amazing cocktails made with it," said a guest.

"If you have written off champagne or are looking to try different (varieties) without spending a lot of money, this is the place to be. It's a place for exploration and creating great memories," said another guest.

To pair with your glass, The Coupe & Flute offers a menu of snacks and small plates. Most dishes are designed to be shared, like deviled eggs, house-made bao buns and frites, which have an uncanny ability to stay perfectly crispy.

"For me, the main goal [with the menu] was world pantry," said St. Sauver. "The bites have to be super flavorful and fun bites with bubbles. That was the end goal."

Of course, nothing goes together like bubbles and brunch. On weekends, The Coupe & Flute serves up a selection of sparkling cocktails and decadent dishes to start your day, like braised duck benedict and a griddled bread pudding one diner described to me as "glorious."

For Waller and St. Sauver, those reactions are heartwarming. They want The Coupe & Flute to be a place where folks can raise a glass and celebrate not just life's special moments, but also the everyday ones.

"It's our passion project, so we want people to feel that joy that we feel being here," said St. Sauver. "This makes us happy. This fills our heart up. So, we hope people feel that same way when they come."