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Met Market touts this cookie as, THE cookie and it is certainly a cookie to behold. (Image: Metropolitan Market/Facebook)

Cookies, cookies, cookies! We found the best in Seattle

Seattle is a city obsessed with coffee and donuts, and not without good reason, but sometimes that means we neglect a sweet standby - the cookie. But not to fret, Seattle Refined has rounded up a list of our favorite cookies around Seattle. It is in no way a comprehensive list but we think it includes some of the best cookies available in Seattle.

Hood Famous Bakeshop

While better known for their cheesecakes, Ballard’s Hood Famous Bakeshop should be known for their Ube Cookie. This chewy and carve-able cookie is a distinctive purple with a crackled top. Made with ube, a purple yam popular in Filipino desserts, the cookie has a buttery, vanilla flavor reminiscent to a sugar cookie, but better. The Hood Famous Bakeshop is tucked away on 24th Avenue, just off Market Street and below Ocho.

Metropolitan Market

Met Market touts this cookie as, THE cookie and it is certainly a cookie to behold. Coming in at almost the size of a toddler head, The Cookie is packed with Belgian chocolate, toasted walnuts and sea salt. Baked fresh throughout the day, this cookie, which took almost three years of research to perfect, is served warm and worthy of becoming lunch rather than an afternoon treat.

Frog Legs Culinary Academy and Mercantile

Mrs. Frog Legs has been busy teaching kids and their parents to cook for years but she also makes and sells amazing cookies within her Treat Mercantile. Two favorites are the Circus Animal Cookie and their delightful S’Mores cookie complete with a graham cracker, chocolate chip cookie, teddy graham and chocolate square on top. These chewy but crisp cookies are a must-have when visiting University Village or their Kirkland location. Frog Legs also sells edible cookie dough for those who prefer unbaked cookies.

Standard Bakery

All of the baked goods at Pinehurst’s Standard Bakery are amazing but their Cornflake-Marshmallow cookie is potentially life changing. The gooey goodness of this crunch filled cookie makes for a delightful treat. Go early though as these cookies tend to sell out quickly.

Lady Yum

Sure, sugar is sugar but Lady Yum’s macarons elevate sugar to a special treat. Lady Yum’s flavors range from the classic Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Strawberry to the unique such as Unicorn and Shindig. These flaky meringue cookies filled with delightful spread such as jam, chocolate and other creams are almost too pretty to eat but don’t let their beauty hold you back. These macarons are absolutely perfect and few cookies can compare.

Hello Robin

Hello Robin’s cookies are always top of the charts and rightfully so. These cookies come in a wide variety of flavors with our favorites being a tie between the Mackles'more and the Birthday Cake varieties. The Mackles'more is comprised of a graham cracker, melted marshmallow and a big hunk of chocolate squarely in the middle. The Birthday Cake cookie is reminiscent of childhood and packed full of sprinkles.