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(Image courtesy of Cinnaholic).

Cinnamon rolls with half the calories & zero guilt? Meet Capitol Hill's newest sweet shop

I think we can all agree that cinnamon rolls are perfect little slices of heaven, but I'm not gonna lie to you - this sweet, sweet sugary roll is off the docket most times because of the whole *trying to be a healthful consumer who doesn't want clogged arteries*.

Enter Capitol Hill's Cinnaholic, a new all vegan, plant-based cinnamon roll shop that serves goodies at half the calories and double the taste. Did anyone else think that if these rolls are half the calories, they could have two? No? Me neither...

You may have heard of Cinnaholic from ABC's Shark Tank, where they wowed the Sharks and turned their baked goods into a national franchise. Now, they are making their PNW stamp here in Seattle and we (and our waistlines) couldn't be more thrilled.

Be sure to watch the clip above and learn more about Cinnaholic here.