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Chase down the Starcruiser to get a taste of Ice on Mars

Your summer travel plans likely aren’t taking you into outer space. Not this summer, at least. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of intergalactic travel. All you’ll need to do is track down the Starcruiser, manned by Hunter Lengel Isgrig, and you’ll be transported to the wonderful galaxy of Ice on Mars. But unlike the actual ice on Mars, these are popsicles to enjoy at Seattle’s incredible parks and beaches.

Every Thursday through Sunday, Lengel Isgrig will load up the Starcruiser’s freezer with space-themed popsicles, and ride all over Seattle. A nod to his love of outer space, Ice on Mars has a rotating lineup of four vegan, gluten-free, and mostly organic popsicles that are 85 to 90 percent fruit-based. Of course, all are appropriately themed for a ride on the Starcruiser.

“I've always lived in outer space in my mind,” Lengel Isgrig said. “There's endless opportunity in space. There are no rules, and you can just go for it. I thought, ‘Let's do something fun. Everybody will probably be outside this summer, so why not bring a delicious treat that everybody can have, and make it space-themed.’”

The Cosmic Cold Brew popsicle is cold-brew coffee with oat milk, a hint of lime, and coated with asteroid dust. Rocket #9, inspired by Lady Gaga, is a strawberry-vanilla popsicle, and Martian Sunrise is an orange, green cardamom popsicle with a glitter dusting.

More flavors are coming this summer, including a keto-friendly bar. Lengel Isgrig has a current favorite popsicle from his lineup that he crafted in honor of his favorite movie - the 1993 classic "Coneheads". Named after the main character, Beldar’s Delight is a coconut, lemongrass, and lime popsicle covered in Fruity Pebbles dust.

“I love all my flavors, just like children, but 'Coneheads' is my favorite movie of all time,” Lengel Isgrig said. “I needed to do something for Beldar because he's just brought so much to me.”

Ice on Mars is an all-inclusive and welcoming place to enjoy frozen treats, and part of that equation is using ingredients safe for those with allergies and restrictions.

“I come from a family that has so many dietary restrictions and sensitivities, and it’s always been a priority when we're together to make things that we can eat together,” Lengel Isgrig said. “With my popsicles, I want everyone to be able to have one so that no one's left with an alternative dessert.”

But Ice on Mars is not a one-man mission. Lengel Isgrig has a crew behind his objective. His college roommate designed the logo, navigational help is coming from Lengel Isgrig’s husband Ryan Lengel Isgrig, and family and friends donated to make this mission possible. In late March, Hunter and Ryan launched a crowdfunding effort to buy supplies.

“Within five hours of posting, I had received everything on my WishList, over $3,500 in supplies,” Hunter Lengel Isgrig said. “It was absolutely insane, and I will forever be grateful for that.”

Ice on Mars is ready for launch, bringing us refreshing summer popsicles to fuel whatever mission you’re embarking on.

Ice on Mars will be out in the Starcruiser every Thursday through Sunday, weather permitting. Popsicles are $4.50 each or two for $8. Check the Ice on Mars Instagram for updated information on where you can find out-of-this-world popsicles this summer.