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(Image: Julia Brown and Terryn Abbitt)

Tacoma's Cat & Rabbitt Cake Shop serves up happiness by the decadent slice

Craving a piece of delicious cake? Head to the Cat & Rabbitt Cake Shop in Tacoma.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, owners Julia Brown and Terryn Abbitt decided to combine their talent and love of cake together to create a safe way for consumers to get their cake fix.

"When Covid hit in 2020 we both found ourselves unemployed. With no end in sight to the pandemic, entrepreneurship just seemed like a natural progression of the relationship we had developed," Brown said.

Brown and Abbitt had been friends prior to opening their business and worked with each other baking pastries at a previous restaurant. With safety in mind, The Cat & Rabbit Cake Shop offers walk-up window service to customers.

"We decided to develop a business model that combined our passion for baking with safety and social distancing that filled a void in the market, an affordable luxury in a very uncertain time," said Brown.

Brown had a background in technology, and eventually pursued culinary school which had been a dream of hers for many years. After Brown graduated from culinary school, she worked at various restaurants in the Tacoma area before pursuing her true passion of becoming a pastry chef. It was during this time in 2006 that she also became a mother and had to juggle both her career and parenthood at the same time. Since then, she has been baking and crafting her pastry expertise.

Abbitt also came from a technology background with a passion for baking, which led to her to attending culinary school as well, where she mastered the art of pastry.

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Today, they are both extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with each other and offer a variety of cake flavors at The Cat & Rabbitt, which officially opened in November 2020. When asked how they decided upon a name for their cake shop, they tell us they took inspiration from their own names.

"The name of our shop is a fun play on our names. Julia Catherine is the 'Cat' and Terryn Abbitt is the 'Rabbitt,'" said Brown.

The cake shop, which is located in Tacoma, is very user-friendly and accessible for walk-up customers.

"Customers come to the window and peek inside to see anywhere from 8-10 flavors of cake and choose their slices. We do offer a small variety of other pastries on the weekends. We also offer special-order whole cakes, as well as small wedding cakes designed to serve 30-40 people," Brown said.

The space the cake shop operates in also holds a special memory to Brown and Abbitt, as it was the previous kitchen space where they both worked prior to closing, but had shut down during the pandemic. They feel the cake shop is in an ideal location, not only because of their ties to the kitchen space, but also due to the surrounding area of businesses that are consumer friendly.

"We knew it would be a great fit for us, as well as our customers coming to our walk-up window in the bustling 6th Ave business district of Tacoma," said Brown.

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The cake shop hosts a mix of classic cake flavors like carrot and chocolate, along with less traditional like berry-lime, honey sweet-corn cake and birthday cake flavor. The menu also includes homemade fillings such as passionfruit, lime curd, vanilla pastry cream, raspberry and various mixed jams. Each cake slice has about six to seven layers of decadence, and each slice is baked fresh daily, along with an updated daily menu.

"All of our slices are finished with our signature (very lightly-sweetened) cream cheese buttercream," Brown said.

To support The Cat & Rabbitt Cake Shop, head down to Tacoma and try a decadent slice of cake. Brown and Abbitt have a message for everyone: "We love working together and look forward to continuing to grow our business. We also really enjoy having creative freedom with our cake flavors and designs. Above all else, we love our customers and the sense of community our cake brings to the area."

The Cat & Rabbitt Cake Shop is open Thursday to Friday from noon to 4:30 p.m., Saturday 11a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. — or until they are sold out. You can find them here online or Instagram and Facebook.

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