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7 Underrated, Unusual Coffee Drinks You Should Be Ordering

Seattle is packed with fantastic coffee shops serving amazing drinks but most of us stick to the same ole coffee drink every day. Next time, you head out for a cup of joe, swap your usual cup for one of these underrated coffee drinks. You might just change your everyday order for something new.

Cortado (La Marzocco)
The Cortado is basically a latte in a much smaller package. Packed into 4 oz is equal parts espresso and milk. The small size of the drink allows one to really taste the flavors of the espresso while the milk provides just the right amount of sweetness. La Marzocco is the ideal coffee shop in which to snag a cortado. The showroom features a different rotating coffee roaster each month and a cortado will allow one to full experience each roaster’s coffee.

Disco Pony (Broadcast Coffee Roasters)
Head over to Broadcast Coffee Roasters for a Disco Pony and you won’t be disappointed. The espresso drink combines espresso with Perrier sparkling water, half ’n’ half with a lemon twist over ice. This is one drink that you’ll obsess over and you’ll appreciate it when the barista sends long the remaining Perrier, as well.

Drip Coffee (Analog Coffee)
The baristas at Analog agree that the classic cup of drip coffee is the most underrated coffee drink out there. A freshly made cup of drip coffee can accentuate the undertones of a good, single origin coffee. The baristas emphasized that getting your cup of drip fresh is the most important feature as drip coffee tends toward bitter if left on the coffee heater too long. They also said that people tend to order an Americano because they think drip coffee isn’t nearly as good when in fact, drip coffee can often be better when freshly brewed.

French Toast Latte (Bedlam Coffee)
For coffee drinkers who love a sweeter drink, the French Toast Latte at Bedlam is the perfect brunch substitute. The double shot espresso drink is paired with steamed 1/2 & 1/2 along with vanilla and cinnamon for a drink that rivals actual French Toast.

Cereal Milk Cappuccino (Mr. West Coffee Bar)
You’ll have to wait for weekend brunch for this drink but it is worth the wait. The cereal milk cappuccino at Mr. West Coffee bar is, “the best of Saturday Morning cartoons with coffee,” as explained by Joel, one of the baristas. And it really was! Breakfast cereal is soaked in whole milk for approximately 30 minutes before being strained and steamed. The cereal milk is carefully combined with only the best espresso for an utterly unique drink.

Bulletproof Coffee (Mabel)
Paleo fans will cheer in appreciation for this drink. Drip coffee is blended with 3 scoops grass-fed, unsalted organic butter and brain octane oil for a drink that will leave you boasted for the rest of the day. Bulletproof coffee fans swear by this creamy drink for a kicking one’s metabolism into overdrive and boosting cognitive function.

Horchata Latte (Señor Moose)
The combination of horchata with espresso makes Señor Moose one smart restaurant. The almond creaminess of horchata is perfectly off-set with the aromatic flavor of espresso. The cinnamon undertones mean this is a drink to snag on our rainy Seattle mornings.