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Cranberry juice from Starvation Alley is the perfect gift for the home bartender. (Image: Naomi Tomky / Seattle Refined)

7 food and drink gifts for everyone on your list

The best thing about eating and drinking is that everyone has to do it. Even your brother training for the Ironman has to get his "fuel" from somewhere, even if he's not obsessed with reading every Eater post all day, every day like Uncle Roger. Some people are more enthusiastic about where their food came fromand would like to make sure they know their chicken's name before they eat itand others are only excited if it tastes amazing. But the key is, food gifts are an easy answer for anyone, because everybody eats.

The real trick is getting the right food or drink gift for each person on your list. So we've put together a list of what you should get for every mother, daughter, co-worker, and cat's former owner for whom you're trying to buy something.

For the entertainer
Is the host supposed to serve the wine you bring? Or should this bottle be saved for a special occasion? It's always a strange dance, especially if it's something great, deserving to be properly paired. Avoid the issue by bringing a bottle of Letterpress Distilling's limoncello. Local ingredients marry traditional Italian brightness and flavor in this perfect after-dinner sipper. And it can be opened tonight, and poured all season long. Available at Total Wine & More, QFC, and Wine World (product finder on website).

For the home-bartender
Unless you know a fair amount about someone's taste preferences and style, I'd rarely recommend buying a bottle of liquor for them, but mixers, bitters, and equipment are fair game. Right now, the mixer everyone should be totally obsessed with making their holiday drinks out of is Starvation Alley's cranberry juice. The organic, cold-pressed cranberry juice has a tartness and spring that, while harsh to drink straight, wakes up cocktails like the Whiskey Smash at Pioneer Square's new Good Bar (with rye, lemon, sloe cordial, and mint). Available at the University District and Ballard farmers markets and Marx Foods.

For the barfly
For the guy or gal who'd rather have somebody else mix their drinks, there's no better bar to treat them to a gift certificate to than Canon. The "whiskey and bitters emporium" on the south side of Capitol Hill has more spirits and better-crafted cocktails than not only every bar in Seattle, but (according to the World's Best Bars list), than all but five other bars in the world. You can rest assured this gift certificate will get usedand fast--by anyone from the craft-cocktail rookie to the most experienced barfly. Available online and in-person at Canon.

For the wanna-be baker
Most of the fun of baking is pulling hot treats out of the oven. Less funfor some peopleis the stress over if the recipe will work. For those people, Honest Biscuits, who sell their biscuits at many Seattle farmers markets, has taken the guesswork out by creating a biscuit mix that anybody can useand we truly mean anybody, since it comes in both standard and gluten-free options. Available online, various mobile locations, and at Cone & Steiner.

For the heat-freak
Everybody knows that one guy who's pulling the whole jalapeños off the grill and eating them whole, the one emptying the entire container of Sriracha into his pho before digging in. That's the heat-freak. The pepper-head. The one for whom every trip involves a souvenir jar of hot sauce. Launching this week, there's a new local hot sauce deserving of a space in his collection: Samboroso Brazilian Hot Sauce. Made by the chef of Tempero do Brazil, the long-running Brazilian restaurant on the Ave, it is a spicy, garlicky sauce dotted with big chunks of onion and spritzed with lime. It's a condensed salsa flavor, with none of the sweetness or filler of tomatoes, and a more blended texturethere's not much else like it on the market. Available starting Friday, December 12th, information online.

For the forager
Now that foraging for your own food has taken top spot on the trend-lists, everybody wants to wander the woods for edible treasures, but not everybody knows how or where to find the fanciest fungi. Here's where the Herbfarm comes in, offering the chance to follow their truffle hunters and truffle-sniffing dogs around for the day. It's not a cheap way to spend the daybut after a few hours looking for these tiny, expensive, and oh-so-fragrant treats, perhaps it will offer insight into why the price tag is so high on the walk, the meal at the Herbfarm on offer to follow, and on the Oregon black truffles themselves. Available online.

For anyone else
Don't know what they like to eat, make, or drink? Don't worry. Marx Foods, the Lower Queen Anne and online purveyor of all kinds of foods you've never wondered where to find (rattlesnake beans, pickled watermelon rind, or organic sea lettuce), has just the thing: samplers. Pick from a single food-focused sampler (mushroom, oyster, or pasta, for example), or a theme (Italian or soup basket). Or, to curry favor year-round, there's a subscription option, netting your lucky friend an ever-changing monthly collection of local products from caramel sauce to cocktail bitters. Available online.

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