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Ships like the Star Legend allow you to see the Alaska no other cruise line can show you. (Photo provided by Windstar Cruises)

Experience a cruise that's 180 degrees from ordinary

Take everything you know about cruises and throw it out the porthole. Seattle-based Windstar Cruises is taking small ship cruising in a totally different direction.

From the moment you step on Windstar’s Star Legend, it’s obvious your Alaskan vacation will be anything but ordinary. In fact, it’ll be 180 degrees from ordinary. This boutique ship only holds a maximum of 212 guests with more than 150 crew members, which means you’ve got personalized service at every turn. From sun-up to sun-down, your every whim is taken care of (in a totally friendly, “welcoming you into the family” kind of way).

Here’s why this Alaskan cruise is one of most highly-awarded small ship cruise lines:

You get to see the Alaska that no other cruise line can show you.

Windstar takes you beyond where the large ships go and offers you a sense of freedom that you’ll only find on small ships like the Star Legend. Traveling on a ship this size means you can explore small towns and get closer to scenic shorelines, immerse yourself in authentic local experiences, and discover hidden caves and glacier-fed waterfalls. The Star Legend will take you to the Inside Passage, Kenai Fjords, and the wildlife-rich Inian Islands. Plus, you’ll enjoy the best wildlife viewing opportunities—Windstar allows plenty of time to slow down and linger when whales are present, while still getting you to port at the scheduled times.

Windstar Cruises allow you to get to the heart of local cultures with Signature Expeditions.

You don’t want to dip a toe in the local culture, you want to dive into the deep end—and that’s exactly what Windstar shore excursions are designed to do. All of the excursions are created to provide authentic local experiences—the kind travelers like you are looking for. And with tons of excursions to choose from, you can experience your destination in whatever way is most meaningful (and convenient) to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, a history buff, or someone who loves to get to know the faces behind the many places you’ll see, Windstar’s Signature Expeditions program provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These are specifically guided Zodiac, kayak, and hiking tours that are launched directly from the ship. No need to go to land first and then take a boat back out.

This program, exclusive to the Alaska cruises, is helmed by a team of onboard expedition experts who sail with the cruise the entire time. They’ll provide more insight, understanding, and commentary to show you an Alaska you’ve never seen before. Grab coffee with your expedition leader after the excursion to ask questions and interact with these authorities on topics like marine biology, botany, history, glaciology, and more!

You can indulge in cuisine that’s crafted by a James Beard Foundation chef.

Windstar Cruises is the ONLY cruise line that's been officially endorsed by the acclaimed James Beard Foundation. Through this program, Windstar works with James Beard to bring together some of the most talented chefs and sommeliers onboard. This means you get to dine on dishes created by not just one celebrity chef, but a list of all-stars with the likes of Maxime Bilet (The Cooking Lab), Evan Hanzcor (Egg), and José Mendin (Pubbelly Noodle Bar, Habitat, and Baja Bao).

Expect local flavors in all of your meals. You’ll sample wild Alaskan salmon in Juneau, king crab in Ketchikan, local microbrews in Anchorage, fresh sourdough in Haines, explore Homer’s famed farm-to-table offerings. You can even go fishing and have your catch processed and shipped home, or chat with a local fisherman who comes to the ship to sell their freshest catch.

Discover the world while discovering yourself.

While small enough to tuck into small harbors and hidden coves, the Star Legend is large enough to pamper and entertain you. The staterooms, or should we say, suites, are top of the line (the smallest room is twice the size of a standard cabin in any other ship at 277 feet!). You’ll have your own private living room, a bedroom, a walk-in closet, with a shower and a bathtub.

And as for the details of your trip? That’s totally up to you. You can make your cruise as inclusive as you’d like, with beverage packages, luggage shipping, and personal onboard laundry service. Take some “you” time in the tranquil WindSpa, enjoy a dip in the pool, or enjoy a sweat session in the Fitness Center.

Get ready to experience Alaska in a way few others do, and enjoy an adventure that’s 180 degrees from ordinary.

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