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Think outside the conference room box and hold your next annual retreat in Alaska. (Image: Travel Juneau)

Why you should hold your next meeting in Alaska

Does your annual company meeting need inspiration? Quarterly reporting need some pizazz? Are you sick of sitting in the same hotel conference center, year after year, while you struggle to get your employees excited about your mission?

You need to plan your next company retreat, annual meeting, or convention somewhere really unique.

You need to plan it in Juneau, Alaska.

You heard that right. Juneau is only a two-hour flight from Seattle and can accommodate retreats, trainings, committee meetings and conferences of up to 600 people. The Centennial Hall Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown Juneau and has more than 20,000 square feet of meeting space, two lobbies, an on-site registration area and a commercial kitchen for catered events.

Here are a few more reasons Juneau should be on your radar.

  • Complimentary online lead and RFP service. Check it out here.
  • Site inspections. Includes a site itinerary and a detailed bid presentation to help you make the best selection for your event.
  • Promotion and attendance building. Brochures, postcards, maps, videos, signage. Whatever you need to get attendees excited about your event, they can offer.
  • Registration assistance. For groups over 100, Travel Juneau has a large volunteer staff to help with registration.
  • There's a lot to do (besides work). Fall and early winter are packed with activities in the Juneau area. From the symphony to heli-skiing, brewery tours and snowshoeing, attendees will have a hard time fitting everything they want to do into their schedules. Information and activities assistance is available, including spouse and guest activities, as well as pre- and post-convention tours for your group.
  • You can save money. Plan your meeting between September - December and groups with 150+ rooms rented can receive a 30% discount for use of the Centennial Hall Convention Center facility. Meetings with 250+ rooms are eligible for $5000 discount (between September - December).

Check out this meeting planner guide to start planning your next meeting in Juneau. And be sure to check out the upcoming photo gallery of meeting spaces on Seattle Refined later this month.