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About 70 miles east of Seattle, Lake Kachess is the perfect option if you're looking for something accessible without compromising natural splendor. (Image: Eric /

5 perfect places to pitch your tent this summer

Picturesque and just the ticket if you need a hard reset from city living - because let's face it, all of us do sometimes - here are five pitch perfect spots to set up a hammock and crack open a cold one. Don't forget to bring the goodies for s'mores!

Dosewallips State Park

Dosewallips State Park is located along Hood Canal in and shares 5,500 feet of shoreline with it, along with another 5,400 feet of land along the Dosewallips River. Just 60 miles north of Olympia, camping at this scenic state park is an amazing way to take in the Olympic Peninsula and all its splendor. From forests and deltas to beaches and mountains, camping in this region definitely gets you a little bit of everything.

Ohanapecosh in Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier touts three campgrounds: Cougar Rock (in the SW area of the park), White River (in the NE area of the park) and Ohanapecosh (in the SE section of the park). Ohanapecosh is definitely the one to spring for if it's your first time. Amenities at this campground include water, flush toilets, fire grates and a dump station. The campsite will set you back $20 per night, memories obviously priceless. There are 188 individual sites at this campground and is open from late May to late September. If you're planning on bringing the party to the mountain, there are two group sites available at Ohanapecosh, which accommodates up to 25 people.

Lake Kachess Campground

About 70 miles east of Seattle, Lake Kachess is the perfect option if you're looking for something accessible without compromising natural splendor. Kachess is an Indian term that translates loosely to more fish, as opposed to less fish over at Keechelus. Be sure to hit the lake on a kayak, the water is so clear you can see to the bottom. Resplendent with boat launches and a picnic area, this is the perfect spot for families looking for some quality bonding time.

Spencer Spit State Park

Get on island time camping at Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island. You can access this scenic park via car, which can't be said of a lot of campsites on the island. With opportunities for clamming, fishing, crabbing and swimming abound; Spencer Spit is perfect for the adventure types out there. Kayak rentals are offered here, so you can take in a whole new perspective the area. To top it off, there are two miles of hiking trails, so you can go off and explore everything there is to see.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Forgive the pun, but the campsites at Cape Disappointment are about as far from disappointing as you can get. If all things nautical in nature is your vibe, Cape Disappointment is perfect for you. Located where the Pacific Ocean and Columbia River intersect, the park is named after a failed expedition to find the Columbia. Resplendent with light houses, old military bunkers and more; this park is a wonderful spot to set up camp and set foot on your very own adventure.