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We asked Expedia what the top 5 places Seattleites flew to this winter season. (Image: Thinkstock)

Where do Seattleites migrate in the winter?

We're one day into spring - one of the most beautiful seasons in Seattle (mostly because it follows one of the roughest to live through). We thought it might be interesting to find out from our friends across the lake at Expedia, what the top five destinations were that Seattleites travelled to in these darker months.

Here are the top five destinations for people who used Expedia to fly out of SeaTac this January and February:

1. Las Vegas. Are we that surprised? Expedia tells us that they usually make the top five in pretty much any city across the country. There's nothing like forgetting about the bad weather back home, and really the outdoors in general, by locking yourself up in a casino for hours at a time.

2. Los Angeles. Apparently Los Angeles is getting more and more popular each year as a destination from Seattle - this year has shown strong growth. Compared to last year, trips to LA have jumped 60%.

3. San Francisco. A long time favorite - there is a lot to do and see, and it's a really quick trip from Seattle.

4. Phoenix. Our friends at Expedia said it perfectly, "Sun, golf, and very little chance of rain. What more needs to be said?"

5. New York City. Even though it's usually a huge tourist destination, I think it's safe to say that the Superbowl in February played a big part in this!