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We found the most beautiful place in Whistler

Just take a look at the pictures and video and see if you don't agree??

We discovered this magic on a recent trip around the Whistler wilderness with Canadian Wilderness Adventures. CWA takes folks in a Jeep through the mountains, all the while giving them a little history and nature lessons of what they're seeing.

We met our guides in Whistler Village and hopped in the bright red Jeeps, and twenty minutes later we were at Alexandra Falls. After a fresh dusting of snow, we felt like we were in Narnia....the beauty was stunning.

But we didn't stop there! Back in the Jeeps we went - this time to a slightly more hidden locale. Seriously - it might not even be on any maps.

Want to see it? We can't tell you a name, or a location....but if you head to Canadian Wilderness Adventures, ask them to take you to the Seattle Refined Lake.

Look, we just named it!