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(Image: Steller)

Travel Tuesday: A Moment of Zen at McDowell Creek Falls

At a time when a lot of us could probably use a dose of serenity and a deep breath of fresh forest air, we’re lucky that the Pacific Northwest can deliver both in spades. Case in point, Oregon’s utterly enchanting McDowell Creek Falls. Local photographer and @OregonExplored founder Eric Muhr helps us slow down and soak up the details of this soothing place, from an unfurling fern to the peaceful sound of the spot’s namesake falls. Click through the gallery below to take in the beauty of this PNW gem through Eric’s Steller story.

We are all really missing travel right now, which means it’s the perfect time for us to partner with Steller, a travel storytelling platform where everyone can come together to discover and share incredible experiences from the world’s coolest places. Every Tuesday we’ll bring you a Steller story from the greater PNW, as there’s no time like the present to celebrate the beauty of your own back yard. Whether you need some travel inspo for the future or a little eye candy, check out these sweet PNW stories! Download Steller now at