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(Image: Lakedale Resort)

Yurts, Cabins, Tiny Homes - Oh My! 8 Unique PNW Overnights to Explore

When booking vacations you may be focused on finding a hotel with the most amenities, the biggest suites, the fastest WiFi. And while traveling this way is the norm, there’s a new twist on travel popping up. And that is the complete opposite. Instead of boasting opulence, travel destinations are embracing a move towards minimalism.

In place of Wifi and amenities, hotels and lodges are offering the opportunity to disconnect from your phone so you can instead connect with your travel companions, with yourself, and with the great outdoors.

To accomplish this, you don’t need to leave the Pacific Northwest. There are plenty of unique travel possibilities right nearby.

Here are 8 unique destinations to break you out of your day-to-day.

Minimalist Living with Getaway

Guests of Getaway describe it as a way to "disconnect to reconnect.” Journey to your mini cabin in the woods with Getaway, located about 4 hours from Seattle in Glenwood, WA. Cabins are scattered across 80 acres, surrounded by nature. Each handcrafted cabin includes the basics, like a bed, shower, toilet, stove, sink, a campfire, and a few more items. There’s even a cellphone lockbox to ensure you truly disconnect.

Getaway was founded to help people escape their daily grind and get in touch with nature, perfect for Seattle city-dwellers needing a well-deserved break. While on your adventure, explore nearby scenic overlooks, visit wine country, check out Gifford Pinchot National Park, and most importantly, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature.

Tiny Home Adventures in Leavenworth

Downscaling is all the rage. And while maybe you aren’t ready to commit to tiny living for real life, a weekend in tight quarters is a fun adventure. The Bavarian town of Leavenworth is pretty unique to begin with. Really get into the vibe of this German town with Tiny House Village. Rest and recharge in one of these five tiny homes ranging from 180 to 300 square feet. Some of them sleep up to five guests!

There are plenty of activities while in Leavenworth like visiting the wineries, museums, spas, breweries and distilleries, farms and orchards.

Desert Yurt Experience at Cave B Inn & Spa

You might not think that a relaxing spa and a yurt go together, but at Cave B Inn, they do. Located on a cliffside overlooking the gorge and the Columbia River, this resort will get you connecting with nature when you stay at one of their extravagant desert yurts. You won’t even miss televisions or phones, as each yurt maximize views, with a private patio and a skylight on top of the bed for stargazing. And if yurt life isn’t for you, there are other accommodations to explore.

While at the resort, head over to the Spa at Sagecliffe, spend time at the pool, go wine tasting at the Cave B Estate Winery and if timing aligns, check out music at the Gorge Amphitheater.

Cabins, but Make it Luxury at Carson Ridge Cabins

Take the Bed and Breakfast experience up a level at the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins, located near the Columbia River Gorge, around 3.5 hours from Seattle. The eco-friendly cabins are comfortable, private and perfect for a romantic getaway. Choose from 10 unique cabins, many with stunning views, relaxing fireplaces and spa tubs. While there, visit the spa, wander through the meadows, or relax at the secret hammock garden.

Safari Style Glamping on Whidbey Island

Thanks to, there’s an easy way to experience the more luxurious side of camping, like this two-unit tent rental available on Whidbey Island in Greenbank Washington. The tents are well-equipped with a queen size bed, running water and cooking essentials. Activities nearby include horseback riding, wine tasting, whale watching, sailing and more.

This is just one of many unique options available on The site also has cabins, cottages, log cabins, tiny houses, yurts, tipis, and airstreams.

Log Cabin Living with Deep Forest Cabins in Mt. Rainier

For a log cabin experience, visit Deep Forest Cabins located at the main entrance to Mt Rainier, less than 2 hours from Seattle. Choose from three handcrafted unique cabins nestled among 20 acres of forest. Amenities are limited, but that’s all you’ll want in this serene setting--plus the cabins do have fireplaces and hot tubs.

While staying at the Deep Forest Cabins, check out nearby hiking, skiing, climbing or simply relax.

Train Experience at the Hobo Inn by Mt. Rainier

Take a journey back in time to when rails were the beginning of travel. At the Hobo Inn you can stay in an actual caboose, located just 13 miles from the park entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park. The cabooses hail from all over the world and are equipped with the necessities, sleeping up to 4 people per room. Don’t expect a TV inside and instead enjoy books, board games and playing cards.

(Almost) All of the Above at Lakedale Resort in the San Juan Islands

If you’re traveling with a group and everyone wants their own unique accommodation, look no further than Lakedale Resort, located 3 hours from Seattle. The grounds offer log cabins, glamping, yurts, an airstream, camping and a lodge & hotel (for those feeling less adventurous). For newbie campers, there’s an even option where the resort will set up a 2-person tent with 2 cots and 2 camp chairs (they make it so easy!).

Explore activities like biking, boating, zip lining, hiking, whale watching or spend some down time at the San Juan Vineyards.