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Maldives is one of the places on AAA Washington's adventure travel recommendation list.

Tips for exploring the world's exotic destinations

Are you looking for an incredible travel destination but don't know where to start your search? Do you want to see something exotic that's off the path beaten by many tourists before you? AAA Travel makes vacationing and visiting new places easy with these simple tips.

Where to start

The brainstorming process to find your next vacation spot begins by asking yourself several questions. What's your budget? What do you want to experience? How much time do you have? If you only have five days, perhaps an eight-hour flight to Latin America will fit into your schedule much better than an 18-hour flight to Bangkok. Consider your fellow travelers' preferences, too. If you're traveling solo, your options will likely be different than if you're traveling with your significant other or with children.

Safety first

Adventure travel can be the experience of a lifetime, but there are inherent risks with these trips. These risks shouldn't stop you from getting out and exploring the world, but they should make you think twice about your safety and health. Consider if you need any vaccinations, and research any dangerous areas that might be near your destination.

Pick a destination

What does exotic travel mean to you? Are you looking for high-intensity outdoor activities, cultural flavors, or authentic experiences? AAA recommends locations across the world, including Nepal, Peru, Iceland, and Maldives, but for many different reasons. It all comes down to whether you want to plan several activities, learn about the history of the region, find some hidden gems in the local food scene, or just relax somewhere on a beach. If you'd like to stretch your travel dollars further, explore some budget-friendly destinations like Prague, Costa Rica, Bali, or Argentina.

Nail down the logistics

If you're traveling halfway around the world to find an exotic experience, chances are high that the local language will be completely new to you. Research whether English is used as a second language where you're going, and try to find a language guide to help you learn the essentials.

Also make sure you're traveling during a good weather season. Choosing to travel at the wrong time could wreck all of the plans you made beforehand. However, if you can tolerate a little unfavorable weather, you can generally find some affordable deals by traveling during the offseason. A travel agent can be a lifesaver by figuring out these kinds of details for you.

Buy travel insurance

You'll need travel insurance if you're taking an adventure overseas. Similar to other types of insurance, policies are not all the same. You should be prepared to ask questions and ensure that you're buying the right coverage for your destination. Know what you need in your travel insurance coverage and what questions you should have answered before signing the dotted line.

If traveling the world and exploring exotic destinations is on your bucket list, start planning with the AAA Adventure Travel Guide. AAA travel experts are happy to brainstorm ideas and recommend destinations that will satisfy any travel bug. Just reach out to chat with one of AAA's experienced advisers.