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(Image courtesy of Alaska Airlines).

These are the most watched inflight movies of 2018

Is there anything better than watching a movie on a flight?!

Not only are you about to go somewhere fun (hopefully) but your phone is in airplane mode (which means no annoying text messages or emails), you are roughly around two glasses of wine down the gullet (with a delicious pack of snacks), AND you have a bunch of EXCELLENT movies at your finger tips. WOW. That is a freakin' vibe, ain't it?!

ANYWAYS, enough of my reminiscing. Alaska Air compiled a list of their most watched inflight films for 2018 and here it is in ALL of its glory:

  1. "Ocean's 8"
  2. "Rampage"
  3. "The Post"
  4. "Ready Player One"
  5. "Murder on the Orient Express"
  6. "Battle of the Sexes"
  7. "Wonder Woman"
  8. "Love, Simon"
  9. "Justice League"
  10. "Blade Runner 2049"

I do have to say, I did watch "Love, Simon" on a flight this year so - I WAS A STATISTIC, HOW COOL IS THAT!

Learn more about the inflight film information on Alaska Airlines blog.