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There's nothing Goofy about Disney's Food & Wine Festival

Yes, Disney has the Matterhorn and Mickey - but they also showcase Merlot and other fine wine, along with a fabulous new menu. It's all part of this huge 2nd annual event: the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival.

"[The festival] is a celebration of food and wine, celebrating the local ingredients of California," said culinary director John State. "There's something for children, something for adults - whether you're looking for that new ingredient that you've never had a taste for or something that you're very familiar with. There's something for everybody here."

And it's Disney - so of course there will be entertainment.

"The entertainment is for adults and children," said State. "We have Junior Chef's jam, we also have Paradise Garden Bandstand which is going to be great entertainment. And of course if you're looking for an education, their seminars on wine - or spirits and beer seminars of course."

The event is spectacular, and how about this - did you know Disney has a vineyard inside the park? It only cranks out a few grapes, that's why Disney serves up other delicious local wine at the Festival - but it's also the food here that's incredible.

"What we're trying to do is get, you always want to source locally because [of] local farmers and supporting," said Disney's Executive Chef Scott Daffron. "But truly in southern California, we've got some of the best produce. Whether it's produce, or it's our meats."

No question, the lineup of fabulous food at the festival is worth every bite. There's nothing goofy about this mouthwatering menu, and of course the wine selection is sensational. Cheers to everybody involved!

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