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Take the original SUV across an Alaskan glacier and end your ride with some puppy love. (Image: Kara Tetley)

The coolest trip you'll ever take

Quick: What's the capital of Alaska?

Answer: The same place you should be planning your next epic vacation. (The actual answer is Juneau, if you haven't looked it up yet.)

Besides being home to some of the greatest scenery out country has to offer, Juneau is an amazing home base for you to experience a true Alaskan adventure. Here are just a few of the things you can do.


One of the best ways to experience Alaska is to explore it on foot. With more than 250 miles of hiking trails, Juneau has something for every skill level. Whether you want to see mountains, meadows or mining ruins, there are wheelchair & stroller-friendly paths and strenuous hikes for the uphill enthusiast. Some of Juneau's most popular hikes include the Mount Roberts Trail, the Dan Moller Trail and the Nugget Falls trail. You can see a complete trail guide here.

Dogsledding & Flightseeing

A must-do on every Alaska visitors list is checking out the area's majestic glaciers and one of the best vantage points is from the air (flightseeing, get it?). Take in the beauty of the scenery in flight, then touch down to try your hand at the classic Alaskan mode of transportation, dogsledding. You'll soar across the glacier behind a team of huskies, with an experienced guide, of course. Alaskans call dogsledding "the original SUV" and once you're behind the power of several dogs soaring across the snow, you'll know why!

Wildlife Viewing

One of Alaska's best locations to see brown bears is just a short distance from Juneau. Pack Creek is full of the furry beasts, and summer is the best time to see them doing all the things that bears do. A quick floatplane flight and you'll be in bear country with an Alaskan naturalist who specializes in bear behavior. If you'd rather be in close proximity with animals that don't have razor sharp claws, whale watching may be more your speed. The aquatic giants will take your breath away, and you'll likely see plenty of other wildlife on the tour. Bring your camera!

On the Water

A more low-key way to explore Alaska's scenery, kayaking, canoeing, and standup paddle boarding (SUP) let you get up close with nature. Using only manpower, you're given the opportunity to see glaciers and wildlife from a unique vantage point. Perfect for those who enjoy the peacefulness of nature, but don't want to miss out on experiencing all that the Juneau area has to offer.

With all the incredible things to see and do in Juneau, the hardest decision will be deciding what to experience first.

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