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Black Diamond Cemetery.jpg
Haunted Location #7: Black Diamond Cemetery, Black Diamond, WA. (Image courtesy of Peter Lewis/Flickr).

Take a Haunted Road Trip around Western WA

Alright, people. Back by popular demand , it’s road trip time. This summer we covered a Ghost Town Road Trip and it went bananas on the interwebs so we figured we should give the people what they want! Road trips – it gets the people going!

As it is Halloween season, we thought to ourselves - why not make it a little festive? Thus, the Haunted Road Trip (that will lead you around to some of the most haunted places in western Washington) was born. So we did the digging. And here’s what we found.

This road trip will take you 8 hours and 56 minutes in total. This doesn’t include your journey from wherever you begin/where you return to. Now, I am no road trip expert but bear in mind that it could take you anywhere from 9 – 11 hours. It’s a commitment. A challenge – if you will. You might even have to spend a night in a haunted cabin if you are feeling extra bold.

Haunted Location #1: Oxford Saloon, Snohomish, WA.
Here we are. Stop number one. The Oxford Saloon is one of Washington’s most notoriously haunted spots. The Saloon was built in 1900 and was once known as Blackman’s Dry Goods store before becoming a saloon and brothel. Apparently, there have been numerous ghost sightings at the saloon, including the spirit of a police officer who was murdered during a bar fight. Then, there’s the local business woman, Kathleen, or I guess now the local business ghost. She’s an entrepreneur turned entity. The Washington State Ghost Society has performed several investigations here and has gotten some strong Electronic Voice Phenomena. Not to be confused with auto-tune.

Haunted Location #2: Point Defiance Park – Tacoma, WA
Get back into your Prius and drive 1 hour and 26 minutes and you will find yourself at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. While you have a nice little journey around the area, don’t fret if you find yourself joined by a 12-year-old girl who disappeared while riding her bike in the 80’s. Her body was discovered later and the killer was never caught. Several ghost spotters have seen the young girl riding her bike alone and then vanishes when they get close to her…does anyone else think this sounds like the plot of the ring? Samara in leg warmers? I don’t know. I’m not into it all.

Haunted Location #3: Bigelow House Museum – Olympia, WA.
Back in the car, tunes are cranking, you have about a 42-minute drive until you reach the oldest and most historical building in Olympia. Employees who close the museum at night have reported seeing the apparition of a notable gentleman who disappears when approached. Rumor has it that it is the ghost of Daniel Bigelow himself, the pioneer lawyer and politician who used to call the mansion his home.

Haunted Location #4: Billy’s Bar & Grill – Aberdeen, WA.
Head to the hometown of Kurt Cobain and have dinner at one of Washington’s most haunted restaurant. This short 56-minute drive will put you at the Bar & Grill which was named after Billy Gohl, who was the secretary of the sailor’s union back in the day. The tale goes that Billy would befriend sailors and then brutally murder them. It’s said that if you look behind the bar and see a man mean-mugging at you, after a double take, he will be gone again. If this happens to you, it was most likely the man, the myth and the legend himself.

Haunted Location #5: Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort, Long Beach, WA.
Okay so here is your longest drive in the entire trip. You’re looking at a 2 hour and 12 minutes drive from Billy’s to the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort. So, may I suggest that you rent one of the older cabins at the resort for the evening? I mean that’s gotta be when all the paranormal s*** starts going down. Apparently, the paranormal activity here is so frequent, that the cabins have journals for guests to recount their stories. Talk about commiserating, amirite? Some guests mention that their furniture has been rearranged after they return from a day at the beach. It’s been said that some have TVs that turn on and off by themselves, empty rocking chairs that rock and words are whispered into guests’ ears when they’re sleeping. No thanks. No, thank you at all. I don’t want ghosts whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Haunted Location #6: Olympic Club Hotel – Centralia, WA.
Alright so if you’re really looking for a haunted experience, I hope you stayed the night at the Oceanfront resort. Grab your coffee and the aux cord and make the 2 hours and 12-minute drive to the Olympic Club Hotel in Centralia. The McMenamins group now owns this historic hotel and saloon. The hotel was the scene of several murders, and both employees and guests have spotted entities in almost every part of the place. There is also rumors of voices in vacant rooms. OH, THE HORROR.

Haunted Location #7: Black Diamond Cemetery, Black Diamond, WA.
You’ve made it, fam! You are on the last leg of the trip. From the hotel in Olympia, make the 1 hour and 25-minute drive to the Black Diamond cemetery. Rumor is that a phantom white horse and ghostly swinging lanterns have been spotted here. Some people have noted that they’ve heard the whistling of deceased coal-miners. Sounds very sleepy hollow if you ask me.

Alright, guys. There you have it. The haunted road trip. Let us know if you decide to do it! We're just a bunch of scaredy cats here at Refined, so don't expect a gallery anytime soon. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was supposed to be the haunted laugh in case you were wondering.