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Refined wanted to take a walk down memory lane, so we found two stars of the show to help us out. (Image: Seattle Refined)

Refined Rewind: Remember 'Northern Exposure'?

When you talk about televisions hows filmed in Washington state, "Grey's Anatomy" and "Twin Peaks" are always at the top. But there's another series our Refined crew is still obsessed with. Remember "Northern Exposure"?

It was filmed in Roslyn for five seasons in the early 1990s, and told the story of a young doctor and the offbeat characters he encountered living in a remote Alaskan town. It won 27 awards, including three prime-time Emmy awards and two Golden Globes. Refined wanted to take a walk down memory lane, so we found two stars of the show to help us out.

Cynthia Geary and William J. White are best known for their quirky characters in the hit show, filmed in both Redmond and Roslyn.

"I played Shelly Tambo," said Cynthia Geary. "I got moved from Los Angeles in 1990 to do this show. And, at the time I was thrilled because it meant I could quit my waitress job and make a living acting."

"Dave the Cook" had a different start.

"Somebody saw me on a bar stool and asked if I wanted to be on the show," explained William J. White. "My first line was, 'I quit'. That's what it was. And I thought, jeesh, I quit? I thought they were going to write me out."

But, they didn't write him out. White appeared in 49 episodes. And, even though he lives just a few miles down the road from where the show was shot, he still gets emotional.

"Every time I come up here, I remember things, special things," said White.

"I get really sentimental about it," continued Geary. "Because I love the show and the people and everyone we worked with. And it was a great time in my life."

Twenty-two years after the show ended, it still has super fans, like Kurt, who miss the show's unique perspective.

"What I really liked about the show was the community together, the diverse characters and they had all kinds of ranges of personalities and quirks that they did," said Kurt Lutterman. "And, the writing was just amazing too. The whole show had a sense of mysticism. There was this whole show of people swapping dreams for instance and there was an episode about a guy that flies, and literally he just flies. It's just the way it is. In Cicely, Alaska that's how things happen."

There is a core group of fans who organize Moosefest, a reunion of sorts every few years. The next Moosefest is scheduled for July, 2018.