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Pixar Pier is loaded with food, fun & high-flyin' excitement

In a huge corner of California Adventure Park sits a sensational Disney attraction, Pixar Pier, it's loaded with food, fun and high-flying excitement.

"I love looking at that marquee," said Arielle Harris, a Disney Ambassador. " We have this beautiful, iconic lamp. You know - the little lamp that bounces."

Everyone knows that lamp!

"Right behind it is the Lamplight Lounge," she continued. " I love dining there by myself, with my family. Wonderful food, really cool, unique drinks, beautiful seating area down on the water. It's so much fun."

Truly, you could spend a whole day here.

"There's character offerings, there's tons of attractions, lots of food and beverage, so really whatever you wanna do you can find it in Pixar Pier," said Harris.

World of Color is one of Harris' favorite shows - a beautiful water light spectacular, featuring all of your favorite Disney characters.

"It's a beautiful water light spectacular, featuring all of our favorite Disney characters. The music is awesome, inspiring - there's fire elements to it which gets everybody pumped up."

Here at Pixar Pier, they have rides for all age groups, and a few that will get your pulse rate pumping. Case in point? The Incredicoaster.

"It's got a big loop, so originally California Screamin'," said Harris. "It has been transformed, re-imagined into the Incredicoaster featuring, of course, Jack Jack all of his evolution of powers featured in Incredibles 2."

The Incredicoaster is a blast, it's the fastest ride at the park! It also features a high-flying loop, making it the longest inverting coaster in the world - way over a mile long, and 55 miles an hour.

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