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(Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Looking for thrills? Look no further - Silverwood's got you covered!

As the largest theme park in the Northwest, Silverwood Theme Park is home to some of the baddest roller coaster rides that the region has to offer.

The park boasts a whopping eight rides considered to be “high intensity thrills.” These screamers include rides of both old and new design.

Take “Corkscrew,” for example: the first modern inverting coaster which originally opened in 1975. It takes riders upside-down through the now-famous double helix pattern on a whirlwind of adventure.

Or how about “Timber Terror,” Silverwood’s first air coaster? This wooden adventure will make you feel virtually weightless as you soar to heights so high you can see the rest of the park. Even though “Corkscrew” and “Timber Terror” have been entertaining park-goers for over 40 and 20 years respectively, you know how the old adage goes: a classic never goes out of style.

In the mood for something more modern? Give “Aftershock” a shot. This metal monster dominates the Silverwood skies, standing at a menacing 191 feet. It spins riders through a cobra roll and inverted loop, even going backwards for some of the ride.

If your stomach has yet to lurch after that, then “Panic Plunge” will surely do the trick. It’s exactly what it sounds like - a plunge from a great height back to the ground in only a matter of seconds. Still aching for more? “SpinCycle” - the first ride of its kind in the entire world - is Silverwood’s answer to your thrill-seeking.

As great as the “intense” rides of Silverwood can be, there is plenty of family fun that some will find more suitable for their children (or parents). Rides like “Avalanche Mountain,” “Krazy Coaster” and the “Roaring Creek Log Flume” are all fan favorites sure to bring smiles to the faces of less daring family members.

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