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Good Grubbin’ at Silverwood Theme Park

Just like the abundance of thrills and spills at Silverwood Theme Park, there is no shortage of good places to eat at the theme park!

With so many mouth-watering restaurants to choose from, you’ll find yourself constantly craving all the delicious eats the park has to offer. Try your taste buds at a few of these delicious locations:

Lunch and Dinner

  • Chuckwagon John’s: The famous all-you-can-eat barbeque is as good as any you might find in the south. Enjoy wood-grilled chicken, BBQ pork and all the best fixin’s. With staples like hot dogs and mac and cheese on the menu, Chuckwagon John’s can accommodate even the pickiest eaters.
  • Caselli’s Pizzaria: You and the entire family can split a pizza while watching the park’s award-winning magic show.
  • Lindy’s: The burgers get more savory with each and every bite. Couple one with some of Lindy’s homemade fries and you’ll never look at “fast food” the same way again.
  • High Moon Salon: Fancy dinner and a show? Grab yourself a sandwich and relax to some live music from Silverwood’s High Moon Saloon performers.

Classic Park Food

  • Seismic Sno-Cones: These cool treats are the perfect way to quench both your thirst and hunger on a long summer day.
  • Sugar Shack: It’s exactly how it sounds, and somehow even tastier. Grab a funnel cake or elephant ear and enjoy that hometown carnival feel inside the park.
  • Dippin’ Dots: Who doesn’t love Dippin’ Dots? “The Ice Cream of the Future” is already really good here and now. With four locations throughout the park, you’ll be able to sate your craving for these delicious morsels of spherical goodness wherever you roam.


  • Ice Creamery: For you dessert lovers, this place is the perfect place to placate your sweet tooth. Try the famous “single” scoop ice cream cone, which will leave you feeling more satisfied than other ice cream shacks’ largest offerings. Fun flavors include Maui Waui, Huckleberry, and Mouse Tracks as well as the classics.
  • Silverwood Coffee Roasting and Trading Co: Treat yourself to a freshly made pastry and wash it down with Silverwood’s own dark roast coffee. It’s a great after lunch pick-me-up that will energize part two of your day at the park.
  • Dessert Island: An island of dessert? Now that’s heaven! There isn’t a better spot to cool down in the entire park.

Silverwood takes into account all the various allergies their daily attendants may have, so be sure to go to to see which of their many dining options are best for you.

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