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Volkswagen Bus Camper - Peace Vans - SODO (Image: Seattle Refined) <p></p><p></p><p></p>

Think camping in Volkswagens went out of style in the 60s? Think again

If you think camping with friends and family in a Volkswagen van went out of style in the 60s, get out from under that rock, and check out Peace Vans in SODO.

“Peace Vans is the largest Volkswagen camper-van repair and restoration shop in the United States,” said owner Harley Sitner.

Sitner's team can repair, restore and retrofit almost any German camper-van, both old and new.

But Peace Vans also has a fleet of vintage VW camper-vans available for rent, aka hitting the road in one of these retro-rentals is your ticket to an awesome adventure.

"You have a little refrigerator, you have a pop top, every kid's favorite place to sleep, and a pound of coffee - ready for a French press,” Sitner said.

A french press is included with your rental, along with all the other the gear you'll need.

Yes. Even a spatula.

The VW camper-vans feature a cook top, a fold-down bed, USB charging capabilities and an optional manual transmission.

But wait, there's more!

"We’ve been working with Mercedes to be one of the first in North American to bring a modern camper-van to market. - you have everything you need to camp in almost luxury in a Modern Mercedes camper-van from Peace Vans."

Sitner said his Mercedes camper-vans are available this summer, and unlike his vintage vans, there are no mileage restrictions.

“It’s a privilege to be in this business... to offer something people love so much," Sitner said.

Peace Vans also rents stand alone camping gear. Wanna learn more? Click here.