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(Image: Courtesy of Public Policy & Communications, Airbnb)

New Airbnb campaign highlights North Cascades National Park Service Complex

Washington is basically paradise for lovers of the outdoors. And a national park in the state has been chosen for a new Airbnb campaign aiming to connect guests with parks around the country.

The North Cascades National Park Service Complex is one of three parks chosen for the national campaign, which officially launched Tuesday — which just so happens to be the 104th anniversary of the National Park Service. Airbnb partnered with the National Park Foundation, the nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, for this to showcase the opportunities for adventure at national parks.

"Many Americans are learning that they live within 100 miles of a national park, just a short drive away," said Chris Lehane, the senior vice president for global public policy and communications at Airbnb. "Through our partnership with the National Park Foundation, we are lifting the veil over three specific less-traveled parks, connecting our guests to places they may not have otherwise thought to discover."

The landing page allows travelers to click on one of the parks and find Airbnbs near it. For people who have never visited a national park, Airbnb and the National Park Foundation recommend taking time to plan and read up before the trip.

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